November 15th, 2014

fandom text



Even though I felt the script itself was lacking in density. OH WELL.

Even though it was RL-mandated, I really enjoyed taking some time away from the Internet this week. I guess because like, whenever I do, it's kind of like taking some "we time" between just me and SPN itself (again, pretend RL is not a thing), and recalibrating that relationship. This week I discovered that that relationship is best summarized as "teared up on several separate occasions purely on the basis of how profound I found having hit the 200 episode mile marker, even though I hadn't even seen the damn episode yet."

Except fuck me, now that I have seen the episode all of that drive I had to do all my shit and do it right has been recalibrated to "BUT I JUST WANNA WRITE FAN FIC."

I love you, my beautiful Show. <3 Thank you.

EDIT: [more 10x05 spoilers]I just downloaded my first tracks from iTunes! I hope you're fucking happy, SPN. XP I couldn't remember my AppleID so I had to reset my password, and to prove my identity I had to answer my security question. The answer was "1967 Chevy Impala," which was just so appropriate to this whole endeavor. <33333 Except now I keep listening to these silly little songs, and each time I dip further and further from being a rational, functional being. I may never come back!