February 1st, 2015

fandom text

The Sum of the Game

Over the past two months--well, since time immemorial, really, but let's limit this to the last two months--I've seen a lot of posts and comment from different areas my flist about fandom, or the worth of fandom. Whether one's efforts and rewards are reciprocal; whether fandom is toxic or transcendent, or safe; whether it is filled with lemmings and psychopaths or extremely rigorous, thoughtful, passionate folks. Whether your flist actually knows who you are or what you write/draw, or whether they even care (and surely we've all given that some serious consternated thought, XD). Certainly, we can agree that it's all those things--that's not at issue. What we get tetchy about is whether it's "worth it" or "fair" or whatever means we choose to express this desire for balance and acknowledgement, etc.

As someone who's been actively a part of online fandom since "4hrs/mo. of dial-up" was actually an Internet package you could even BUY (i.e. 12 years, but that doesn't sound as hilarious as the concept of only using four hours of Internet per month), I think my stance on the matter requires no further elaboration. I've been doing fandom for half my life.

In those twelve years, I've been a part of six separate fandoms--five different ones from 2003-2009 and SPN for the remaining six years (half my fandom life!)

When in 2009 I sought out SPN fandom online, hoodie_time was the first community I found, and regardless of however far from actual Dean H/C proper my interests have fled, it will always be special to me--as will its creator, it mods over the years, and its ever-fluctuating and always fascinating membership. (I did not participate in the recent meme aside from modding it, but as usual I've been endlessly intrigued by the sorts of prompts that arise, both oldies and new thing inspired by new canon. And seeing both new faces and very old ones leaving prompts and fils made me feel like I was at some kind of alumni event, haha!) But in any case, I've been helping to mod HT since 2011, which now that it's 2015 seems actually inconceivable, because wtf what even??

In that time as mod, and in all six years of SPN fandom, and all twelve years of fandom, this is hands-down the proudest I have ever felt to be a part of fandom. Even though it actually has nothing to do with me, except my ability to, uh, tag things. And help create and maintain a space where serendipity (and the scorching-hot all-aspects-of-human-life intense amazingness and compatibility of these two ladies!!!) could work its magic.

All my best to you, lovelies. ♥ ♥ ♥