April 30th, 2015

free fall

Okay, but seriously. TV.

Is anyone else appalled at the quality of ads for television? Like, teasers for the next episode of shows? ANY show, really. I feel like they're crafted specifically to convince you to not watch it. Like, I remember for House, every single episode was some variant on "THE EPISODE YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU'D SEE!!"

But I think even with this steep competition for badness, the SPN teasers take it to a new level. Any time I watch one, I just think, "there isn't a power on the earth that could convince me this was a good show if I didn't know any better." I'm speaking not just for S10, either, but also earlier seasons. Though I've noticed that the S10 ones keep cutting together scenes that don't belong next to each other, and completely warping the intent and flow of what actually happens. Which... honestly, that's kind of fucked up, CW. XP

I'm curious about how they choose the preview clips, too, because as near as I can tell their strategy is to pick the most boring clip they can find and advertise with that. I can understand not wanting to give anything away (though let's be real, with the number of spoilers they offer they clearly don't mind giving most things away), but my god the clips are so boring.

I'd guess that they just happen to finish post-production on a clip and use that as the teaser or something, but that doesn't seem to be the case, either, since the promo clips generally aren't fully finished anyway.

But maybe TV promos and preview clips are just super great and compelling and I'm just not the demographic they're catering to. Thoughts?

And don't say, "But Kalliel, I thought you were avoiding spoilers, even to the extent that you weren't looking at episode titles, previews, and certainly not promo clips!" I have self-control problems, okay.

In other news, all the shows I've been watching are done for the season, except for SPN.

Last year I watched:
SPN - <3
Elementary - wtf Joan/Sherlock's brother
The Mindy Project - aw, cute
Community - yikes, bitter much?
Law and Order: SVU - uneven but whatever
Orange is the New Black - fun marathon, not as good as S1

This year I watched:
SPN - <3
The Mindy Project - every time I want to quit you, you deliver a good episode
Fresh of the Boat - lots of potential, a little too neat, A+ cast
Law and Order: SVU - ...well, whatever XD

Not sure what I'll stick with next season; I'll be studying for exams, so I might want to just focus on those and SPN.

So what are you all watching, and what are you planning to keep/ditch?