July 29th, 2015

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[Recs] SUMMERGEN, Weeks 1-3!

Writing is a terrible hobby, but reading is a pretty good one! spn_summergen is my favorite fandom event, because I'm guaranteed at least one awesome thing per day to read/view. But it's also kind of stressful, because I get weirdly protective of it, and sad when I feel like things go under-loved. There's been a TON of delightful things to come out of the challenge so far (and I think we're only like three weeks in??), but here are some of my very favorites that I'd love to see find a larger audience.

1. Paying for Time (PG-13, 3000 words, non-linear narrative. Outsider POV (after a fashion), Dean, Sam)

Summary: Where nobody gets hurt, no one falls in love because they are there already, and someone dies but kind of doesn’t. Oh, and pretty much everyone gets confused.

Dean is old and forgetful, Sam is dead and maybe a ghost. With Death long gone, and all the rules broken, Time has become fluid and ancient gods like Vertumnos have no constraints. So when Vertumnos offers Dean a chance to buy some time, he takes it.

This fic gave me such anxiety--and I loved the jumble of timelines here, the way you're never quite sure what's happening or why, but you know exactly what each moment feels like and you know this visceral compulsion to continue forward--to seek out the ghosts, and try to piece things together, and remember things that cannot be remembered.

2. Feed the Blood Garden (T, text adventure game, Sam, Dean)

Summary: The Darkness is closing in, and the Winchesters' only hope of fighting it is in a haunted house deep in the West Virginia mountains.

I love the wealth of items and people and sceneries that populate this fic, and the way these elements play so well to the form of it. Being able to play as both Sam and Dean and see how the case unfolds for them separately is fascinating--as is the disjuncture between whose calls can get through, who calls whom a liar and in what contexts, and for what. Whether it makes a difference to look at pictures first, or records--and what it does for you as a reader to wonder about which path either Winchester is likely to go with first. Really, really cool. And you can't go wrong with creepy houses! (Or doorways, as it were.)

* I think these two are a slightly harder sell, because the non-linearity and multiple timelines of the former force the reader to slow down their reading practice, as does the readerly agency required of the latter. And I know that when I'm reading fic, it's specifically because I don't want to work, and just want to chill! XD But these two are so, so worth it, and that extra engagement really doesn't feel like work at all. In fact, it adds to the mystique!

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[Rec] "We Had an Agreement, Giant!" from spn_summergen

And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't try to get the entire damn world to see the beautiful piece of art sooooomeone drew for me! <3

Title: "We Had an Agreement, Giant!"
Rating: G
Media: Ink, marker, pastel pencil, digital enhancement.
Warnings: Implied harm to major characters; implied harm to animals.
Author's Notes: Inspired by the original prompt -- "Fanwork focusing on a new character we met in S9/S10 -- Cole, Rowena, Sheriff Donna, that lady hunter from "First Born," etc. etc. backstory or character study is fine, but if it's fic I'd prefer if it had some sort of movement or narrative arc to it as well. If it's anything other than fic, do whatever you want. XD"
Summary: "Mess with the bull, you get the horns."

My [abbreviated] comment:

Rowena has the most delightful devious expression on her face here, and her lips and her eyebrows and guh just the sheer intensity of the fire in her eyes here is wondrous. And I'm a huge fan of Rowena's makeup, and here is no exception! I love the super vibrant smokey eye, and the way that sort of aesthetic wends itself through the piece as a whole, from the toil and trouble she's cooking up (what a handsome frog!) to the added wispiness of the spiderwebs in the background and on the candelabra.

This piece tells such a story, and I feel like your style is gorgeously suited to the tale, and to Rowena.

Also, the skull in the background is so cute, I want one as a pet. <333333