August 3rd, 2015

free fall

post-apocalyptic fiction : macarons

Unpopular opinion is unpopular, but you know what's boring to me? Like, boring to the point of being annoying? Post-apocalyptic stories.

I just read a whole book's worth of them (I'm With the Bears: Short Stories from a Damaged PLanet) trying to find one to teach and OH MY GOD I AM SO DONE WITH THIS ENTIRE GENRE.

Plus, when you work on environmental literature (and are teaching a course on climate change) when the fuck isn't something taking the post-apocalyptic dystopia route. I mean, goddamn. XP

I realize the genre is crystallizing the prevailing fears of our present century (and last century, and all the centuries) but man.

Post-apocalyptic fiction is like when macarons got big. I get it theoretically but macarons are still lame, and post-apocalyptic fiction is still boring. And even when there are good macarons in my life, and good post-apocalyptic fictions, these do nothing to forgive the larger corpus from whence they come. >.>

edit: Plus the misanthrope in me can't help but suspect that the proliferation of these tales doesn't, in fact, actually engender sustained interest in not veering towards apocalypse, but rather distances it further from people who are already unwilling to adequately engage with or be arrested by climate-apocalyptic events that have already happened and are happening. Even the ones that are meant to be "omg, so close to home." Maybe I just hate everything. Maybe post-apocalyptic fiction just needs to be better?