August 11th, 2015


What I meant to post yesterday instead of what I actually posted, lolz

RL: Still reading for prelims and planning my course. REFUSING to read any more post-apoc fiction (praise be!). Headed to NYC to visit a friend at the end of the week, and from there to Japan via LA, with old friends from San Diego. So the reunions should be fun. <3 Also falling deep in love with trapeze, which I started training in earnest two months ago, in addition to silk. I'm proud of all my trapeze bruises. My dad sailed up the coast of California from San Diego to Monterey Bay this past week, which is the coolest thing ever, and his email updates were fantastic. I'm still trying to learn life balance. Not succeeding yet, but maybe soon. I have faith!

Fandom: Did gishwheS. Very proud of all my teammates. <3

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Come Thursday, I'll be traveling for a while, so I won't be writing, but I think what I need to do when I get back is just bang out some low-stakes flash fiction--stuff with an upper word limit, a time limit, and none of this overbearing and overcomplicated ridiculousness backstage.

No waffling, no overanalyzing, no forcing. Just going hard and owning whatever happens.