October 27th, 2015


[Meme] sp00ky Halloween meme

My responses to steeplechasers's Halloween meme, which y'all should definitely fill out, too! <3

1. What, in your opinion, is the scariest moment in SPN? Most of my SPN anxiety comes from my concern for the mental well-being of Sam and Dean, and generally as a result of each other or themselves, rather than any monstrous intervention. But I remember having a pretty serious reaction to watching Mary find Azazel hovering over Sam's crib. XD

Keep in mind I'd already seen most of S4 and half of S5 by the time I got around to seeing the Pilot, and I'd already seen Mary wish her kids weren't hunters, I'd already seen demon blood, and Lucifer, and all that nonsense, before I ever saw November 2, 1983.

2. What's your favourite spooky SPN fic?

+ yes is yes is yes by gabby_silang, which is about a young Claire and her imaginary friend, Castiel, who climb a tree together.

+ Mercy, Mercy by gabby_silang, which is about Sam losing a baby tooth.

I've read exactly one Jeremy Carver interview, and he said this fantastic thing about his favorite kind of horror being the sort that attaches to completely ordinary situations or objects--ordinary unless you see them from a certain, transient vantage point. Or ordinary, except anything but--heimlich unheimlich. Which I do think has actually governed portions of his run pretty successfully, particularly in S10; and I'd love to see him take it to an even finer, smaller execution, because I am so here for that kind of thing.

3. Plug the spookiest SPN fic you've ever written! The one that, to this day, makes me really extremely uncomfortable is Tulelake, because Sam is too young to know how much trouble they're in, and Dean almost isn't.

4. Who's the scariest SPN character ever? The Woman in White.

5. If SPN were to go full-bore freaky again, s1-style, what would you like to see them do? (Alternatively, what do you NOT want them to do, because it would give you nightmares?) MULTI-DAY BACKCOUNTRY CAMPING + MONSTER (preferably something sneaky, rather than strong), GODDAMN IT. XD Or something that lives underwater.

6. What's your favourite scary story in general? Creepypasta, traditional folklore, anything! (Alternatively, what's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?) Once my sister and I were on the beach, with the tide coming in. And this is NorCal, so keep in mind it was craggy and freezing and raining a little. And there was a cave, and we wanted to go inside the cave, even though we had to be quick because the tide was coming in, and that is 100% a place you didn't want to be trying to get out of with the tide against you. I stood at the mouth of the cave and looked in, but didn't break the threshold because I thought I'd seen a man's face, rubbery, attached to the top of the cave like a barnacle--that, combined with the waves at my back, didn't seem like a good idea. So I turned to my sister beside me, and we agreed we'd just go back down the beach. As we were climbing out of the cave and back onto the sandy stretch, my sister said, "It looked like a man's face in there" and I was like, "Oh god, I saw that, too." And we ran.

I really, really hope it was a trick of the rocks, and it wasn't actually some drowned man's face, and that we didn't just leave a body in there.

7. Which SPN monster is your favourite? Ghosts. <3 In general, I prefer my monsters monstrous and non-verbal. The less human the better, unless they're an uncanny-valley kind of humanoid.

8. If you were a hunter, which cases would you never touch with a ten-foot pole? Gooey ones.

9. What's your phobia? Housefires, car crashes, drowning, sand dollars, freshwater-borne diseases, salmonella, natural disasters, infrastructural collapse (e.g. bridges). Looking at slides of incompatible blood types intermixed--ekejglkajskj;.

10. Besides the obvious, why do you think Sam feels so touchy about Halloween? I'm actually more curious if Sam's at all familiar with Día de los muertos, since he spent some time in California; and what does he think of it?

11. What's your costume this year, and what costumes do you think Sam and Dean have donned in the past? No costume. Though my personal best was probably the year I went as a software pirate, in like the sixth grade.

12. Finally, how do you celebrate Halloween? I don't. Holidays take a lot of time and effort. XP But I will generally watch an episode of SPN by myself, if I have time. How this is distinguishable from a non-Halloween day, I'm not sure! In high school, though, Halloween belonged to my friends and I. We'd dress up and stay in and eat food and play the board game we made and play video games and watch movies together. <3 Growing up my mother was closely affiliated with the regional park service, so we'd always work the Halloween Hike, which is where I was first introduced to "Bad Moon Rising," in a way I will never forget, as well as the Jack o' Lantern origin story. If you haven't learned about the All Hallow's Eve crack in time in the middle of the night in the middle of the forest, then have you really learned it?