October 31st, 2015

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[Rec] Alouette by anactoria

HEY SO I spent the first months of my relationship with SPN as a super Casgirl. My Casgirlishness predates my entrance into fandom/fic, though, so... little known fact! That is not represented in my fic bibliography whatsoever. XP I also spent most of S8 as a temporary Casgirl, but again, I wasn't around in fandom very much for S8, so it was probably equally difficult to tell. XD

But for whatever reason S11 (irrespective of Castiel's actual role in S11 canon thus far) has been giving me these epic resurgent Casgirl feelings. Lest these feelings fly under the radar of this journal YET AGAIN, I wanted to rec this wonderful 11x01 tag especially aggressively! :DDD

Title: Alouette
Author: anactoria
Characters: Hannah, Cas
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/contains: Spoilers for 11.01; now Jossed by 11.02
Word count: 1500
Summary: Heaven sends Hannah to deliver its justice.

Commentary: I can't copy my comment here like I usually do (is this laziness, or does it result in me making sure to write better comments? idk) for fear of fic spoilers, but the language of this is gorgeously affective, clean and measured but deeply compassionate in a deftly composed way that rings so true to Hannah's POV. It traces what can only be described as deep, deep love (though some might call it treason; even when, often, the thing that is loved is also the thing yelling 'treason'!), renewal, and volatile change across the landscapes of S11 and S4.

Hannah's relationship with Castiel here, and theirs with Heaven, and Castiel's with Dean/the rest of humanity, is so evocatively construed. And what ends up happening in this fic, and the way that plays out in the prose, is one of those things I'm not likely to forget. <3333333

[Rec] Q&A by viviansface

SHIT, wait!! I know I just posted a rec, and no one even reads anything on Saturdays in the first place, but I really love this one, too. This one's for my fellow Deanfen:

Title: Q&A
Author: viviansface
Genre: gen, 11x01 tag
Character: Dean
Rating: G
Word Count: 895
Summary: Have you asked the question?

(When did we forget how to do this?)

Now please circle the correct answer.

Commentary: This is one of those wonderful fics that does a lot with a little, short and punchy. The form and content of the fic work so well together in parsing out Dean's many possible thoughts and motivations, always more than Dean would ever admit to and eternally in scintillating contradiction with one another. The truth of it being, of course, that Dean is all these thoughts, all at the same time. And this fic holds this all together in this beautiful way, with a clarity (but never a superficiality) that, imho, is devastatingly hard to pull off.

It's so good, k, it's so good. <3333
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[Recs] No Tricks, just Treats, some of which are tricky in themselves!

And then I was like, FUCK but what if I really just want to rec every single tag I just read.

And then I was like, well, there's really nothing stopping me. XP

If you, like me, are not caught up on your S11 reading, here's a ton of things I saved off spn_x, or that people linked me. There is so much variety and texture and imagination and color to these. They're also all quite short, so please do not be daunted by their volume. The tags coming out of this are of an order unparalleled. <3

I've tagged them with the characters/POVs involved, because that's the information I often find most relevant. I'm not sure if the same holds true of most, but I hope it is helpful!

11x01 "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"
Q&A by viviansface (Dean [POV])
Alouette by anactoria (Hannah [POV], Castiel)

11x02 "Form and Void"
happy happy happy by steeplechasers (Amara, omniscient POV)
Running On Empty by amberdreams (Dean, Crowley, Sam -- all POVs)
This is not why by citrusjava (Dean [POV], Sam)
Biblically by citrusjava (Sam [POV])
Let there by light by zara_zee (Sam [POV], Dean)
Brave New World by madebyme_x (Billie [POV])
Querents by viviansface (Jenna [POV])

11x03 "The Bad Seed"
The harm that befell him by zara_zee (Sam [POV], Dean, Castiel)
Power to the People by madebyme_x (angels and demons!)
Numb by amberdreams (Dean [POV])

11x04 "Baby"
Home by frozen_delight (Sam [POV], Dean, Impala, some John)

There's so many zillions more to include, probably, but there are the ones I was able to track down. <33333 all of you, fandom!! STARS, THE BRIGHTEST STARS.
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[Rec] dia de los muertos by amberdreams

Setting a Saturday fanwork-reccing record right here...

Title: dia de los muertos
Artist: amberdreams
Pairing: Sam/Jess
Rating: SFW

This was drawn for my prompt, "Sam dances with a skeleton. Whose?" on the Halloween meme.

The result is gorgeous and haunting and macabre, but not...in a way that at all undermines the real love so evident in their dance, in Sam's expression. I won't give away any more, but please do click through. <3 It is perfect.

Happy Halloween!