November 15th, 2015


Surely You've Seen the Films

I am still so blissed out from TV yesterday and getting to go grocery shopping today, YESSSS. \O/

I love Dean because always. <3333

And Sam because "two out of three" was ridiculously perfect (darkly funny and committed and realistic and heroic, aka Sam).

And Castiel because omg, everything.

And Amara because Amara.

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When I don't have time to write things down, I run little fics in my head to entertain myself. Often these are disgusting H/C things that actually cannot be written because I'd have to set myself on fire afterwards and it wouldn't be fun (both the writing and the subsequent immolation) but sometimes they're little scenes from non-existent cases.

The one in my head right now is some S11 story where Sam, Dean, and Rowena need to hike into the backcountry for Reasons (possibly Book of the Damned hiding place reasons). And while neither of them believe this is a good idea, they're going to do it anyway. But the only things I really know about this story are:

1) Rowena milking the Sam/Rowena innuendoes and casually dropping the fact that she knew Ruby, back in the day. (To what plot end, idk. But probably for Plot Reasons.)

2) As they're just starting out, they park the Impala at the trailhead and Rowena, handcuffed, asks if she can leave her shoes in the car. Cue eyeroll-y Dean, but Rowena actually just genuinely loves whatever crazy expensive, elegant heels she's wearing and very honestly treasures them and doesn't want to mess them up. She takes the entire hike barefoot.

3) They're in the backcountry for longer than expected, and Rowena demonstrates her ages-old ability to snare and cook wild game--not that Sam and Dean are willing to touch that food with a ten foot pole, even though Rowena samples it first to prove she hasn't poisoned it, goodness. And Dean's just like, "Two words. Iocane powder." But Rowena doesn't get the reference.

The problem with head!fic being that you tend to just reimagine the same scenes over and over again, and they don't really do anywhere on their own. XD But I'm kind of into this one, even if it's mostly a non-thing. WHAT DO THESE DETAILS MEAN. WHAT HAPPENS. WHAT'S ROWENA'S CHARACTERIZATION. HOW DOES IT LOWKEY RELATE TO EVERYONE'S CHARACTER ARCS.

Does anyone else do this? I imagine we all must. XD Is it plotfic? H/C? Crack? Smut?