November 22nd, 2015

free fall

Repentance Recipe

Okay. The grilled cheese and the ice cream were amazing, but here is a repentance recipe. I gave up on cooking like 6 months ago because prelims, but here's a good recipe I made up today that requires almost no effort and no precision whatsoever! DUMP AND GO, that's my ideal.

Pumpkin Curry Udon/Rice Bowl, AKA Fast, Warm Food for Days
3Tbsp Thai curry paste (I used red)
1.5C coconut milk
1C water
1 can pumpkin
2tsp fish sauce
1tsp lime juice
arbitrary amounts of tofu, mushrooms, udon
copious pickled things as toppings
honestly, literally anything else you want to put in (potato, carrot, celery, chicken, etc.)

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