January 2nd, 2016


The last of 2015 and the first of 2016

Okay, looking at and uploading these pics just put the fear of the Prelims God in me. Bleh, my stomach. :S

BUT. LONG STORY SHORT. Just before the new year, we did your annual winter backpacking (short trip--three days, two nights, ~7 miles a day, which is, what. 1/3 of the mileage you'd have to break, 30 days in a row, to do the PCT? XD WE'RE READY) and it was excellent. On the second day we day hiked out to a natural hot springs, which was pretty epic, all told. All I want now is our next adventure. (Colorado/Utah/Arizona, anyone???!)

Then I met my sister's boyfriend (he's cool) and he met my grandmother (lol).

Let this first sequence of photos also stand as testament to my undying desire for an episode that requires multi-day backcountry camping of Sam and Dean, thanks. Or fanworks. But come on, now. The PacNW was built for this shit.

And I mean, added incentive--hot springs.

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♥ you all~
everything ends

[Rec] i'm your house (American Gods)

I haven't read American Gods in about a decade, but I couldn't resist the chiasmus in this fic's summary. <3

Title: i'm your house
Autho: tekuates
Fandom: American Gods
Rating: R
Pairing(s): none
Summary: Shadow dreams of the bone orchard, and the bone orchard dreams of Shadow.
Word Count: 1005

This is the kind of fic that reminds me I actually like words. The language and sentiment and poetic thoughtfulness of this is nothing short of brilliant. My favorite passage from anything I've read in quite some time, hands down:
Sometimes it would hear from a god, or two. They would always say the same thing: This is not the way things are meant to be.

said the orchard, the words whispering through the leaves that were not leaves. Look how fine this is. Look at my great branches, and the little seedlings below. And a slender limb reached up to let the light caress it. I am the way I mean to be.

[Recs] Angelic Makeup fx and Sam/Dean slinky fic

I posted these at the weekly spn_bunker rec post, but I thought I ought to cross-post here as well:

This week I loved steeplechasers's make-up fx work, where she made herself into angelic aftermath--eyes burned from their sockets as a marker of her beholding of a trueform.

And for fic, citrusjava's It's Hard to Take Courage is a wonderful ficlet about Sam and Dean and that slinky from Plucky Pennywhistle's. Tight imagery broadcasting emotions acutely realized, it sidesteps the cloying too-cuteness such a fic might otherwise fall into without at all compromising the true, frantic joy at its core. <3

If you're missing something gorgeous from your Saturday, hope one or both of these aesthetics delights. :)