February 4th, 2016


SPN 11x12 - character moments by the omission of Moments & transferring kinship

(These aren't "reviews," per se, because I'm not evaluating anything, or even offering an overview of the episode. Basically, I'm just trying to put into words my experience of watching SPN. Or articulate my relationship to SPN?)

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Other narratives:
11x11: saving people, hunting things, and the third half of the bumper sticker - extremely Sam-centric thoughts

free fall

What's in YOUR wallet?

For citrusjava and the "what's in YOUR wallet?" meme!

Because I love ephemera to pieces. Like, a lot a lot. <333333

Impala photo shoot plans from my brother (circa 2010)
- facts about solar system, in case you ever get bored
- $$$
- student ID card
- Girl Scouts and JACL membership cards
- Pokemon card I found in the snow at a bus stop once
- family portrait circa 2011
- fast and furious 6 ticket, from the second time I saw it in theatres...
- three fast and furious 7 tickets from all three times I saw it in theatres...
- blood donor card. I'm O+!
- periodic table because hey, you never know
- ruler card, which also helpfully discusses several invasive insects of Minnesota
- receipt for the Idaho inn, which I actually didn't know i was still carrying around!

Not pictured: drivers license and credit cards, since that info really shouldn't be on the Internet. :P though since you now all know my blood type I guess I'm more susceptible to anime love spells and attacks by vampires who are picky eaters.

What's in your wallet, flist?? Or alternatively, in the pockets of your favorite characters??