February 5th, 2016


Empanada Sex Dolphins

- Last night Detroit radio was playing only rock songs with long instrumental sections, which was pretty sweet. Usually if there're long instrumental sections it's like, oh jesus, this is about to be the world's longest Led Zeppelin song again.

- But it makes me think about variations across local radio, and how familiar the Winchesters are with these regional differences. Like, music in the Bay is different than music in southeast Michigan. Not that every state doesn't play "Hello" or Bieber or AC/DC, but like. Detroit radio mostly plays rock songs about Detroit, and Eminem. Also lots of polka.

As the Winchesters traverse state lines, do they appreciate some states more than others? Does Are Dean's favorite rock songs his actual favorite songs? Are they the songs that happen to get played in more states than not?

- My "write 2 hours every non-teaching day" thing is going well--well, all three days of it. Possibly because I started writing something stupid instead of what I'm supposed to be writing.

Like, "I’ve never had sex with an empanada" is an actual line right now, because I'm an idiot. To make matters worse, the context is dolphins. IDEK. This is ostensibly a draft of my caseficbb but since I have NO OUTLINE and don't know how this case ends, if I'm not careful it's going to end up being a case about empanada sex dolphins.

Should that be the title?
free fall

Tender Confessions

- I've discovered I like reading RPF, but I can only do it if I refer to actual-real-life J2 by their initials. Otherwise the RPF experience is too uncomfortable and I can't handle it. XD I REQUIRE PROFESSIONAL DISTANCE AND DISINTEREST. Which is kind of funny because I definitely refer to Gen and Danneel as Gen and Danneel regardless of whether they are fictional or real?

- I hate smileys with noses. Also cannot deal. XP

- I read an article once about "the appeal of Fast and Furious" that cited Brian and Dom's erotic subtext as the series' crowning virtue. Which was discouraging, I gotta admit, because it made me get all hipster!Kalliel like, that's exactly 0% of what comprises my interest in the Fast and the Furious. Vin and Paul's relationship (or Dom and Brian's, either way) isn't at all important to me for its sexual properties. It's about living forms of deep intimacy that explicitly aren't sexually-based. About valuing kinship (blood or otherwise) that actually doesn't turn on sexuality OR sex acts. Like, straight dude friendship should be allowed to exist as a thing without it being eroticized? Even straight dudes hugging, crying, singing, and rolling around in the dirt together. That's important.

And like, I think this dumb article might seriously be why I don't ship Sam/Dean as much as I might, or write it as often as I might. Because like, I really enjoy Wincest. I enjoy it a lot! And sometimes in Wincest it matters that the relationship is explicitly sexual and sometimes it doesn't--could be gen, tbh. Or essentially would be the same as gen but for one sexual scene, etc.

But when I think about my own writing it's like. I do tend to just write more gen by default. But there are moments when a fic could have gone either way and I chose the gen way because of this Fast article. There are moments where I've gone so far as to actually go back and excise/rewrite Wincest drafts to MAKE them gen, because of this article. XP Which, idk, seems like a sort of dubious practice. That just doesn't feel right to me.

But then at the same time it's like, gdi the world needs gen the world needs non-sexual intimacy, the world needs really straight bros (like Dom and Brian) doing "gay"-coded things and still being straight as fuck (just as much as it needs really gay bros doing "straight"-coded things and "gay"-coded things, to be sure).

tl;dr Goddamn Fast and Furious, making life complicated. RIDE OR DIE. XP

- Man, aren't you thrilled I have LJ on my phone now and can just ramble away at length while waiting for invited speaker talks to start?