May 5th, 2016



Yeahhhhh, I'm with frozen_delight on this one. XP Or I guess, I know who this was written for, so there's that. It just definitely wasn't me!

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Addendum: I apologize to anyone this post offended. In my attempt to temper how much I dislike this episode (so as to avoid offending people) I ended up offending people, and I'm really sorry! :(

I didn't mean to suggest that everyone who enjoyed this episode is wrong to do so, or that their tastes are uncritical, or aren't as good, valid, or refined as mine. Or even that criticality or refinement are synonymous with good or valid! Because I don't actually think they are, necessarily.

Reading through my post, I can see how it could come across like that. Again, my apologies! I never meant to upset anyone, or insult.

My distaste for the episode stands, but I think rather than attempt to rephase the reasons why, I will simply look forward to the next one.

I love you all. <333

Maybe my next post should probably be about how much I unironically love Dance Academy. Hmm... :3