May 28th, 2016

gumby girl


AND THEN I BURST INTO TEARS OF BOTH HAPPINESS AND SYMPATHETIC TERROR/MISERY ALL THE WAY THROUGH S3 OF DANCE ACADEMY. Because this show was supposed to be silly and tropey candy and then it actually got pretty good. There was this episode last season where the main character noted that even though people tend to form snap judgments of everyone they meet, and filter the rest of their interactions with that person through that initial assessment, sometimes you have no choice but to revisit, and realize how poorly the fullness of them fits that cast. At which point I realized, shit, that's so true of all of these characters. Even though, yes, IT'S DANCE ACADEMY.

And it's not even all "I have secret deeper melodrama we will now thematize for an episode" stuff, though that happens, too. There are even episodes where the trope of having secret deeper melodrama gets riffed.

My dad was like, "I wouldn't have pictured you watching a show like this" but what kinds of shows do I watch, anyway. XP Like, I love SVU but I don't like cop procedurals. I love Firefly but I don't watch sci-fi shows; House MD, but I don't care for doctor shows. SPN, but never Buffy, nor any of the other shows in a similar basket. I mean, ultimately I'm interested in TV shows about:

- people involved in a single, high-pressure, obsessive practice or vocation, living the lifestyle of the passionate/committed/ruinously obsessed

- variations on what grief looks like, what it means, and how different people experience and react to it entirely differently

That sounds right to me!

That and I've earmarked Dance Academy for a rewatch when I'm finishing my dissertation and on the job market, wondering why I've spent all this time in school, and all this time in the PhD doing all of this research no one understands and even fewer respect--half the time not even convinced myself that literature or literary criticism aren't a load of crock--part of some insane, neurotic cabal filled with traumatized academics, as the 8% of the national population pursuing a job only 8% of that 8% will receive. Because then I'll be able to sit down with morals, affirmations and hard truth delivered in bite-size, twenty-four minute increments and think to myself, hey, it's like Dance Academy, and trying to go for a contract with the National Ballet. :'D

Also, I find it incredibly amusing that I can Google Image Search "abigail armstrong gif dance academy" and still get a SPN gif and an MCU gif. XD