August 7th, 2016

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[Fic] Childhood II - femmeslash, Lisa/Donna, 9x13 "The Purge" tag

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Title: Childhood II
Genre: femmeslash, 9x13 "The Purge" tag
Pairings: Lisa/Donna, Dean/Lisa in absentia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: [Spoiler (click to open)]PTSD, trauma, infant death
Word Count: ~5300
Summary: Lisa winds up in Stillwell, Minnesota because she heard there was a health spa out there, looking to hire a yoga instructor.

Sheriff Donna Hanscum assures her that the FBI definitely wasn't here six hours ago. There definitely wasn't anything wrong with Stillwell. And Donna definitely isn't afraid to go home alone tonight. It's just that the yoga position that doesn't need to be filled anymore. That's all.

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[Rec] Of Apocalypses and Other Inconveniences, by anonymous (Jody, Alex, Claire, Sam, Dean, Mary)

Oh my god, you guys. Today's gift from spn_summergen is a legitimate gift from Heaven. XDDD IT'S SO FUNNY.

Title: Of Apocalypses and Other Inconveniences
Rating: G
Word Count: 2670
Warnings: Some blood (nothing graphic), as well as some swearing.
Author's Notes: Admittedly, I started a couple of different stories for different prompts, but I settled for prompt 6 (what Jody and the girls were up to while the world was ending) and added some sprinkles of prompt 3 (Dean found Mary. The British girl (probably) shot Sam. Then what?). I hope I did them justice!
Summary: As soon as there are signs of supernatural activity nearby, the Winchesters are the ones to call. Jody’s not entirely sure if she’s supposed to call them when the sun suddenly decides that red is the new black – but she’d appreciate them actually bothering to pick up their phones.

There's just something that taps into its characters so well, and makes the humor come from the very core of them, that sings for me. Jody's high threshold for panic and her commitment to normalcy (and perhaps even normalizing the presence of the supernormal within it), Alex and Claire's dynamic and their shared gift for deadpan zingers, and even Sam's particular brand of humor are so glorious here.

And this is not a sentence that I really ever imagined saying, but Mary Winchester in this fic made me burst out laughing. I'm still not really sure what canon is planning to do with Mary in S12, but I adore her piece in this fic.

The comedic setups in this, and the seeming effortlessness of them, are flawless. <33333

For Posterity

Okay, I realize this is like my eleven trillionth post in the last 30 minutes, but one more thing: I was looking at my AO3 account, and apparently I opened my profile there on the very day that 5x22 "Swan Song" aired.

I feel like this is incredibly appropriate. :')
fandom text

This is my S6 icon!

I just did three circuits through the interior of my house in the dark trying to work off some of my nervous energy from 6x01. I feel like I just ran a mile! I feel like I would like to go run an actual one! But I just washed my hair. :\ Because holy shit, 6x01. *_____*

The first time I watched this episode, I'd just moved into a new apartment; it's the only place I've ever lived that actually had TV, so I had the pleasure of watching most of S6 on TV, which also meant in public. And the whole season I had this thing where EVERYTHING WOULD FEEL VERY INTENSE and I'd need to lap the apartment, or go wash all the dishes during/after episodes. And one of my housemates was like, "You know, as much as I enjoy watching this show, I think I enjoy watching you watching this show way more. This is hilarious." XP It's uh, good to know that even though I've seen S6 several times now, this hasn't changed. It just has that special magic. ("Special magic" here meaning "Dean is really stressed out so I am really stressed out.")

- I LOVE THE CAMPBELLS SO MUCH. Both times they showed up in any major capacity I seriously had to pause the episode so I could deal with my own manic laughter. They're all such assholes; I love them. And I love that they apparently live under very large rocks, because if even Walt and Roy figured out Sam and Dean started the Apocalypse, how the fuck did the entire Campbell family not know Sam and Dean existed? I MEAN, WALT AND ROY. But I digress--I love that scene where they're setting up camp in Lisa's house, flinging aspersions at Dean all the while; violating and undermining and insulting this extremely fragile life Dean's built for himself, and barely survived building for himself, along with the love and assistance of two really exceptionally good people who don't deserve the insults. It just gets under your skin and makes you feel naked and ashamed and angry and vulnerable and I love it. And I love imagining Dean going out with Sid and just hacking out huge chunks of earth with a nine iron, whaling on the ground below him 'til there's nothing but a big pit behind the tee. (Though who's to say they were Dean's clubs? Maybe Lisa golfs.)

- I will take poisoned!Dean any day. I would like to take a moment to note that I have read every single fic tagged thusly more than once (sometimes more than three times, uh) on hoodie_time and AO3 and should more exist in the world I would read them every single day.

- Sam is soulless right now, so he's not really a part of this, but I'd like to take a moment to note that Bobby wanted to save Dean so much (here meaning "get out of the life") he was willing to take the chance that that might kill him. Dean wasn't shy about how hard that year was; Lisa's carefulness around him is not shy about that; nor was Chuck's narration at the end of 5x22. I don't care how much Bobby trusts Dean (and he probably shouldn't, given the end of S5); I know he knows that could have killed him. But hey, if you want to save him, you might have to kill him. It's good to know John will never have to turn in his grave, because his principles remain alive and well. XD

- I know most of this is because Lisa truly loves Dean, like really really a lot, but if the gap year between S5/S6 was the best year of Lisa's life, I'm really curious about the rest of her life. I want 900 fics about Lisa's life.

- Soulless Sam's Charger. :'D And not taking the Impala and sakakfjakskaj;jkaj

- HBIC Sera! <333