May 29th, 2017



I LOVE LOVE LOVE these eps as wholes, but there's two scenes I want to focus on.

But first:

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Anyway, the two scenes I loved:

- After getting off the phone to Frank, Dean tries to throw his phone onto a duffel bag but it starts sliding off, so he meets it mid-fall and redirects it back onto the duffel without ever looking away from Sam or stopping his forward motion toward Sam. I love utterly unremarkable unscripted saves like that so much!

- And in the next scene we see Sam and Dean asleep, and the police radio starts chattering. Sam wakes up almost immediately at the sound and sits up. Dean wakes up shortly after and doesn't move at all; his face is just like "oh, FUCK me." Then Sam turns on the light and checks to see if Dean's awake, too. (Dean's sleeping with his back to Sam.)

Again, pretty innocuous, but we really got a chance to sit in the scene and see the details in ways that 42-minute television doesn't always allow for. The whole scene's probably about 20 seconds, but if you've ever filmed anything, that's a long time!

I like knowing exactly how they woke up that day. XD It's just a really beautifully-done, patient scene that didn't technically need to be there but adds so many of the details that I love and that do the back-burner work of keeping SPN grounded in reality (while also killing people with unicorns and not putting their severed ears on ice). <3

ETA: Actually, here's a clip of both! For reference.

And I liked that the episode looped back around to them going back to bed in their gross hotel room, with Dean--having been recently tranquilized, among other things--plopping back on the bed fully clothed and not even pillow height. And Sam realizing that this time, Lucifer won't be going away. (And we head next into 7x16, where we get our first helping of Lucifer-induced extreme insomniac Sam--and of course, from there to 7x17 "Born-Again Identity."