August 2nd, 2017


Sera Gamble on SPN

Sera Gamble, HBIC, my queen. ♥ Haters gon' hate. I will always love her, and I always trusted her with my babies LIFE.

Originally posted by kazluvsbooks at Sera Gamble on SPN

Sera: I was there for the first seven seasons of Supernatural, and Eric Kripke was always really confident about that – as soon as we figured out that the show was really about the relationship between these two brothers, we knew that had to be the heart of the episodes. And also a part of the major arc each season. I’m really grateful that I learned that – it has to be about your characters, the relationship between them and the way they fuck each other up. If you have that, it can be about heaven or earth.

Fangasm: You took that understanding and situated it in a universe that goes to different places, but keeps that intimacy.

Sera: Yes. It’s funny, even when I was in the room with Eric back in the day, it was so much about this inherent bond that is family, and that blood is thicker than anything. And I was always the one in the room going, let’s do a really dysfunctional story, I mean, sometimes your family lets you down.

(credit @fangasm at SDCC)