August 6th, 2017



I've put a lot of time this week into sinking deeper into Cars fandom and assuming an active role as Fandom Fan Fic Mom, AKA offering aggressive and encouraging support of everyone's fic aspirations and reading/commenting on everything under the sun. It's a role I enjoy, as you might have noticed from SPN fandom, but HOO BOY it's a lot of work!

I signed up for a account the other day so I could comment on/sign up to updates for this one girl's story (because what is more demoralizing than someone commenting positively on your WIP, only to NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN...) So I figured, well, if I have the account, I maybe I should post my stuff, too.

It's been almost a decade since I used that site, though, and my question for those of you who do is...


No (easy, automatic) support for em-dashes? No (easy, automatic) support for line breaks that aren't as harsh as a straight-up HR? No text style support in the summaries? No paragraph break support in the summaries?

Using that site feels like jumping back in time to 2004. =____=;;

Except in 2004 "social media" wasn't as much of a thing yet and a lot more coding was generally required--meaning you had more freedom of customization, and therefore had the freedom to code in your own damn line breaks in a less aggressive manner, and they wouldn't get EATEN by the text editor. Goodness.