January 17th, 2018

gumby girl

100% Plausible

I 100% believe that the degree to which SPN's non-hunting world does not seem to give a single fuck about imminent Apocalypse most of the time is real.

Last night in metro Detroit, a meteor broke Earth's atmosphere close enough to "oh, directly above us" that it produced a flash like lightning and then, a rumble like thunder. I JUST ASSUMED SNOWTHUNDER WAS NOW A THING. As did many others. A few went for "UFO." But nope, it was an actually visible, actually audible, honest to god meteor! (Usually when I think of meteor showers, they are small, tiny soundless things in the sky far away.)

In any case, it was really cool and really weird but almost immediately we were all chill about it and so life continues as normal.

Maybe it wasn't a meteor. Maybe it was an angel, falling. We'd never know the difference, and never care to find out. Since supernatural events happen with significantly higher incidence in SPN's world, I can only imagine this reflex is that much more ingrained.

In any case, between the total solar eclipse and this up-close-and-personal meteor, I'm getting a lot of cool celestial events this year, and I'm loving it.