March 3rd, 2018

free fall

Misc. SPN thoughts

- I was in Los Angeles this past week! That's not a misc. SPN thought, but it's true. Got some work done, ate some good food, and most importantly got to hang out with my former housemate and her dog, and alethiometry!!!! *____* <33333333

- I also went to the Petersen Automotive Museum, and met this bad boy, a 1968 Chevy Impala, AKA our Impala's little brother:

Collapse )

Like, FUCK, man.

- I've had two really excellent SPN-watching dreams, and both 'episodes' dream!me saw were about mindfuck/mind control and it was top tier material, folks. My subconscious knows what's up!

- I keep getting the sense that it's summertime--specifically, evening, as the sun's going down and the wind's picking up a bit and it should be warm but you feel a chill anyway. It's the kind of weather I associate with SPN, but it's a bit odd that I keep having that feeling, because it's March and there is literally snow on the ground.

- Genre: nothing really happens except time passes and Sam has thoughts and doesn't ever fully bare them to the reader, though they are numerous and varied