April 1st, 2018


[Fic] ¿Qué pasiones? - gen, pre-series, Sam & Dean

Me, finally posting this approximately a year after it was written. Before the anthology got published, whenever I thought about this fic, I was like, "Man. Why did I write such a boring story?" It's not until re-reading it that I remembered the two things about this that I thought were cool, ahahaha. It was just like, Oh that's why I wrote this story! (The POV and the conceit + S12 ref at the end.)

Title: ¿Qué pasiones?
Genre: gen, pre-series, hurt/comfort, monster theory
Characters: the Impala (POV), Sam, Dean, John, Tasha Banes
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1200
Notes: Written for "Seasons," the spnshortstories gen anthology!
Summary: Two boys in the desert, armed to the teeth with nothing they'll need tonight. The first time anyone sees a chupacabra stateside.

Dean, Sam whispers. Don't turn around.

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