April 14th, 2018



1. It is APRIL 2018 y'all, and I'm still busily having feelings about HBIC Sera Gamble. ♥

I sit down to a blank page and see my oldest friend. Some days I write something decent. Some days I suck. Whatever. It’s not like I won’t be back tomorrow. [x]

2. My SPN song for today is "Sinner" by Barns Courtney:

Fortune, fortune, smile and fade
I haven't seen you much of late
I need you now, cannot wait
But when I'm looking all around
Never mind then what we do
The night's still good for a gram or two
I'll be drinking late with you
Until the morning comes around

Oh sinners come down
Come, gather round
Oh sinners come now

Yeah, I must be good for somethin'

Specifically, I love the chorus/bridge because man, this dude just belts it out. The stanzas are quiet, almost spoken, but you get to talking about gathering the sinners and he just goes for it. And there's just something extremely SPN poignant to me about shouting to the void, I must be good for something.

It's not a realization and it's not quite an affirmation. It's something you half-believe with full conviction. You're shouting the fact that you're some kind of living irony. You're the righteous; you're the darkness. At this point, who really knows. But oh, you're gonna keep swinging. So come and gather 'round.

Scream it as loud as you can, Winchesters. Make sure someone hears you.