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spnspringfling 2012 -- ALLLLL THE RECS!

spnspringfling posted their masterlist today! Now that I can add names to my rec list, I figured I'd post this. I had the pleasure of reading/viewing every single piece created for this exchange, and let me say that it was a phenomenal experience. Truth be told, I loved them all, and it was great fun waiting to see what lay in store for me every single day. And I think that because there were so many fics, tackling so many different premises and genres, these recs actually present a pretty well-rounded example of the kinds of fic I love.

Prior to this exchange I'd only ever read one RPF story--cue the musical montage of me being severely squicked by RPF--but they were so much fun in 'Fling. :D And I've discovered that my taste in SPN fic is markedly different from my taste in RPF, as you shall see. Whether you go by these recs or not, please take a look at all the fics/art from this exchange! They're huge in number but don't let that deter you! There's so much awesome to inhale here. I'm already looking forward to what next year will bring. <3

My reccer's comments here are modified versions of the comments I posted to the actual pieces, so forgive their occasional. Idiocy. >.> It's all exuberantly meant, even if my phrasing is not particularly eloquent.


1. All the Cool People by snickfic [original post]
Genre: alternate timeline, pre-series
Pairing: Amy/Sam:
Rating: PG
Summary: The thing is, if you're going to run away with zero skills or prospects, then Sam's not a bad kid to run away with.
Reccer's Notes: I love the idea of their escapist roadtrip, the things that come unveiled through their spending time together--I loved all of Sam and Amy's interactions in this fic. Amy's line about things getting killed in order to save Sam really bit.

2. the wind always at your back by de_nugis
Genre: 7x23 tag!fic, horror/angst (but kind of also fluff, idk it makes sense to me)
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Summary: When Sam dreams now it’s different. He’s let it go bit by bit, the tiny, wiry hairs on the backs of Dean’s fingers, the salt of Dean down his throat.

Reccer's Notes: This is gorgeous from start to finish, but that part vii. I love this more than words can say. <33 I speak a bit more about my transformation!kink in the RPF section, but I should note that this is the most beautiful rendition of transformed!Winchesters I've ever come across. Dean as wind.

3. The Game by roque_clasique
Genre: character study
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam played a game sometimes: he pretended he didn’t know his brother.

Reccer's Notes: I absolutely adore the idea of this. Sam's habitual defamiliarization, the scene he observes while doing it--just, the entire thing. Absolutely phenomenal; I loved this.

P.S. I play this game, too! Though, uh, with the Winchesters, not my siblings. It is the best game.

4. ART: Beautiful Distraction by tringic
Genre: black/white comic
Pairing: Jess/Pamela
Rating: PG
Summary: Ghosts.

Reccer's Notes: This is really gorgeous. I especially love the middle shot of Pamela.

5. Say it Loud by checkthemargins
Genre: hurt/comfort, drama
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sam's vocal cords were severed by a harpy in the Arizona desert a month and a half ago. Dean's glad, naturally, that his brother didn't bleed out and die. But he's still not used to the silence.

Reccer's Notes: The language of this is really stunning, in turns terrible and tragic but also unspeakably sweet. I really liked this:

Lisa's niece was schooled in baby sign language while Dean was living with Lisa and Ben. So Dean knows how to say very useful things like 'juice' and 'blanket' and 'cracker'. Sam has accommodated for him. Dean asks him if he's hungry, Sam baby-signs 'cracker'. It's a thing they've got going. and the raunchy version later in the fic. ;) I wasn't sure whether I wanted to laugh or cry.

6. ART: Aim High by colls [[original post]
Genre: gen, photomanipulation/graphic
Characters: Bobby
Rating: G
Summary: Every arrow that flies feels the pull of the earth.

Reccer's Notes: I adore the composition of this--the colors, the photography, the quote--the caps. Really, really excellent.

7. ART: The war outside your door keeps raging on by smallworld_inc
Genre: 7x23 tag!art, horror
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: G
Summary: It's just a little glass.

Reccer's Notes: This is absolutely gorgeous. <333 Great composition, unf.

8. ART: It's raining cats! by lamapan
Genre: gen, fluff
Characters: Sam, Dean, many many cats
Rating: G
Summary: Cats?

Reccer's Notes: This is phenomenal. I love the color pallette to pieces; it really drives home this impression of whimsicality. :)

9. Hour of Need by killabeez
Genre: 7x23 tagf!fic
Characters: Sam/Jody Mills
Rating: PG
Summary: Get in. Find Dean. Get out. With that infinitely simple, infinitely difficult goal fixed in his mind, Sam breathes out, opens his eyes, and starts making notes.

Reccer's Notes: This may be my favorite post-7x23 fic ever, jsyk. THE LISTS, ALL THE LISTS, OMG SAM! ;_____; And Sheriff Mills was amazing here. I adore everything about this piece. I have the hugest letter/list-writing kink of all time, and it worked so well here.


10. #crimefighting by architeuthis [original post]
Genre: RPS, Superhero!AU
Pairing: Jensen/Misha
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Misha is not Batman. Jensen is not Commissioner Gordon. Twitter is definitely not the Bat-Signal.
Reccer's Notes: Superhero!Misha is the greatest thing of all time, ever. (And Jensen can come, too.) This was such an enthralling read, from the dialogue to the premise itself. And the use of hashtags was a stroke of genius. SO GLORIOUS.

11. Destination Anywhere by pigeongirl99 [original post]
Genre: RPS, AU
Pairing: J2
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Somewhere north of Wheatland. Big Wyoming sky and damn all else.

Reccer's Notes: I love the atmosphere of this piece; the language is just really lovely, from the skeletal light to the slow-bruised nights. (And uh, I really want that burger now. Sweet lord.) The way the whole story is set up, and the power of this practically anonymous encounter, was a pleasure to read.

12. Here There Be Monsters by bewaretheides15
Genre: RPS, Seafaring!AU
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Technically speaking, Jared's not supposed to get in close to the big brown whales.

Reccer's Notes: It is actually ridiculous how much I love this, omg. MERMAIDS AND PIRATES. THE SEAAAAA. I'll make no secret of my love of sealife transformations, and this hits every crack button I own.

Here's the epic masterlist of this year's spnspringfling fics, if you're interested in seeing the rest. They're all amazing, and epic amounts of fun, so IMHO YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD.

I'll be updating this list as the writers/artists post their pieces non-anonymously. If you're one of those people, please feel free to drop your link here! But I'll do my best to seek you out. XD
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn, kalliel is a creeping creeper, sam!kinks

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