May 13th, 2019

free fall

infamati et obliterati: 6x19

I've been thinking about this since I went to bed last night, but man, when everyone went to go apprehend Little Ryan after killing Eve, Castiel flew everyone to Uncle Joe's house, 15 miles outside of town.

But then Castiel abandoned them there to meet up with Crowley and, presumably, fix Grants Pass, OR such that no one remembered that the population had been significantly higher mere days before.

Given Sam and Bobby's suspicions at the end of the episode, it doesn't seem like Castiel ever went back for them, nor does it seem like they really would have waited around for him at Uncle Joe's house. So, after cleaning up shop and disposing of the bodies, did they find the keys and take Uncle Joe's car back to town?

Did anyone see them drive up and fleetingly think it was weird to see them, because isn't that Joe's Subaru? Joe from the bike shop? But then they go about their morning business and bury their confusion under post office runs and bills paid and that Church meeting, the one about Easter services and everyone thought was either scheduled too soon or too late but no one thought should have been today.

They're at the diner, though, when the entire Easter committee shows up, even though the tables there aren't big enough and Cheryl can't even eat gluten.

They keep looking at the walls, the waitstaff. Exactly the way Cheryl keeps looking at everything, honestly, the way she does when she wants to interior design something. Or when Jim rejects her plan for Easter decorations in the Social Hall and she doesn't think it's right.

They are not interior designers.

But then, neither is Cheryl.

Two specials, dry toast and a poached egg. The world's longest nurse of a single black coffee. The entire committee gets fed and out the door before they do.

"Joe ride in today?" Jim asks them, on the way out the door. So he'd noticed it, too--the strangers, Joe's car. He mimes a bike rider, hunched shoulders, steering like a madman. He looks like the big goon that he is. He looks like he's never ridden a bike.

(And Sam and Dean, because they'd stripped this guy's house of blood and violence, because they'd burned Joe's body and washed up in his bathroom and stolen his car, knew exactly what he was talking about.)

"Yeah," says the first one. "Had us bring the car around for him." Then he takes a sip of his coffee, as though it hadn't been stone cold for an hour already.

"Because of the rain later," says the second one.

The third, who'd eaten some of his toast but all of his egg, just raises his eyebrows, as though affronted that some stranger is disturbing their breakfast. And he's right, in the end, so off they go.

The keys are in the ignition of Joe's Subaru.

"This is nice," says Cheryl, squeezing past an old black car, too wide and too long for the space. "This Henry's T-Bird he was talking about? I thought he said it was blue."

Before they step across the street back to church, Jim and Cheryl both look up at the sky, watching for the rain.