May 15th, 2019

free fall

Birthday Rewatch: 1x14 "Nightmare"

I love this episode. <3 I know I say that about like every episode, but I especially love this one. I've never, in a decade of this show, been quite able to buy wholeheartedly into the psychic children thing, because it's the first thing Show introduced that dramatically shifted the terms of its universe. Like, I legit to this day have trouble making the leap from 'this is a world where ghosts exist' to 'we are seriously going to follow a series of psychic visions around the country that are in some way related to a demon that puts women on ceilings.' Whereas once the terms of the universe are such that they can accommodate multiple Apocalypses it's like, you can get to Heaven by accosting a drunk angel near a sandbox? All right, I'm picking up what you're putting down. Go on, go on. But anyway.

This is a bratfarrar Rembrandt shot:

This episode also starred this bizarre contraption, a piece of technology as arcane and little-seen as Sam's camcorder:

IT HAS SUCH A LARGE, HIGH-QUALITY SCREEN! Let's recall here that we're still in the flip phone era at best, and the TV in their motel room had CRTs. Whatever it is, Dean used it to discern there was no demonic activity in the house, so I'm guessing it was acquired after the great airplane demon fiasco, so apparently at the time it was worth the investment/worth stealing/worth stealing parts for. Dean said it was an infra-red something something, so I'm kind of curious as to what that has to do with being able to determine the presence of demons. Do demons have a different temperature than humans? Do they leave temperature residues? Or was Dean just talking about ghosts and demons in the same breath and the ghosts required the infra-red scanner (better accuracy than EMF?) and for demons it was just like, welp, no piles of sulfur here.

Also, this episode took place in Saginaw, Michigan, and the set design was perfect. See this window??? THESE ARE THE EXACT WINDOWS IN EVERY HOUSE I'VE EVER LIVED IN IN MICHIGAN. They're not Michigan-only windows, obviously, but I 100% believe these rickety 100-year old windows could behead a man.

It's funny, because Dean asks the stepmother if she's ever had any trouble with the house--cold spots, flickering lights, weird noises, and the like. This lady has the gall to say oh no, everything's been perfect, but let me tell you that every single one of the houses I've lived in Michigan has had all of these things. The ghost that lived in my house previous to this one exploded batteries and shorted circuits before it moved on to shattering glass. :/

Unrelated but sort of related, when we were showing the house for our crappy landlord, part of the tour was going down to the basement to see the weird gigantic painted portraits of clowns mounted in the backrooms of the basement. One of the people who came to see the house expressed their disappointment that there were no locks on the interior doors of the rooms down there.


Anyway, back to the episode. I thought it was so lovely that it was clearly very cold in the episode, in spring in Michigan, because they needed the exhaust to be visible for visual effect when the dad gets killed in his car. But it's not too cold, because instead of wearing a jacket Dean is wearing, no joke, like four shirts. Four. I'd make fun of him for this, but I know exactly what temperature four-shirt weather is, vs. jacket weather. XD

BUT they also must have had the heat blasting in their motel room, because when they're loading the car up at the end of the episode, they're both in single layers! Even though it's nighttime and definitely still cold outside. I love the idea of them just being like lol, we're not paying for the heat so blaze it.

But you know what the best thing about this motel room is? The sinks.

I don't remember which sink spurred this comment, but I remember saying at some point that I wanted a whole blog just dedicated to SPN's sinks. The joy I feel when looking at this double sink action here really affirms that for me. This isn't even an implausible sink situation. I've definitely had motel rooms with this sink setup, and not even in like, large suite-like rooms where it would make more sense. This motel room they have is so small there's like two feet in between the end of the beds and the dressers and still whoever built it was like you know what this motel room needs? More sinks.