July 8th, 2019

gumby girl

8x10 "Torn and Frayed"

I remember absolutely adoring 8x10 as the mid-season finale when I first watched it, because the "resolution" Sam and Dean shove at themselves in this episode is so deeply unresolved and shitty. My heart always breaks for Amelia, who'd been so embittered and caustic in almost all the time she'd known Sam and finally took a chance on being storybook romantic, only to have it not turn out. And also Dean at the beginning of this episode knowing that he'd fucked up sending Sam off to Amelia but not really believing that he'd fucked up and wanting to get over the issue rather than through it. And Sam having to be the one to point out why Dean's solution might have been especially shitty because ReMeMBeR JesSiCa?!?! (I am pretty sure Dean was not thinking about Jessica, though he might've briefly thought about Ben's having pulled the same thing on him re: Lisa, putting it in the "irresponsible and childish but probably effective" box of plans rather than the "I can't believe you could possibly betray me by inflicting this unnecessary harm" box. Whoops.)

And then Dean belatedly thinking about circumstances a little more via Kevin and trying to apply what he'd considered in Kevin to Sam...without also extending the same grace to Kevin lololol. Out of everyone who's ever had their lives destroyed over the course of this show, I think the Trans still win the "Well, That Was the Worst" award.

And then! Both Sam and Dean jettisoning all of this because of the dire issue of Castiel acting weird--only to realize, wait, if Castiel pops off to Heaven with Samandiel's body, there's not actually a whole lot they can do. And so just watching wrestling while eating canned chili and stewing in their earlier un-resolutions together. And what says "Winchester" more than... literally all of that. XDDD

8x11 "LARP and the Real Girl"

Man, someone remind me not to watch SPN while sitting in airport terminals. Once I was watching 6x10 for the first time and treated the little old lady next to me to a whole ton of tortureporn.

I'm watching 8x11 right now, and while it's not quite to the level of 6x10, every time this poor woman next to me has looked over, someone is getting drawn and quartered or projectile vomiting blood before he bleeds to death out of every orifice in his head.