November 27th, 2019

where's perry

It took FOUR hours to get that spirit out of her.

ALSO. I was in Hawai'i for a conference a few weeks ago, and overheard one of the most SPN conversations I've ever overheard. I would share pictures of Hawai'i, but LJ's Scrapbook is not about that life right now. Oh well.

Anyway, I was on the bus, and this guy in a Hawaiian shirt and a socks-sandals combo was on the phone with someone. He was railing about the dangers of modern medicine and how he doesn't trust doctors, doesn't trust ERs. And that rather than have to trust ERs, he is simply studying up on ballistics.

Not emergency medicine. Ballistics. So clearly, he is thinking about very specific reasons why he might end up in the ER.

His conversation continues. I lose track of what he's saying for the most part, until he comes out with, "--and it took four hours to get that spirit out of her!"

Which was just brilliant, because no only was he talking about an exorcism, he was talking about an exorcism he was annoyed by because of how long it took.

Dude was 100% a hunter. Mark me!!!!

Back in S7, I had an idea for a fic I wanted to set in Hawai'i. It was sort of inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's Curse of Lono, in the sense that I intended for Dean to make some off-hand, ultimately unimportant reference to Thompson at some point in the fic, because he seems like Dean's kind of writer. The whole thing was just embarrassingly id-feeding, though--like, so much so I DON'T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT ON THIS JOURNAL, WHICH IS LITERALLY FOR SPN ID THINGS, so I never wrote it. It's also one of those fics, though, where like. I've written it to myself a bunch of times over the years, and certainly entertained myself with it in Hawai'i just now. Sirloin prime cut idfic, for sure. <3 Maybe one day. I feel like if the id dream it offers still appeals to me now, 8 years later, maybe I should put it to paper. XP
free fall


Ahahaha did I not say earlier that every episode of S15 actually takes place in Michigan? Local news, man. XDDD

Good 'ol Mlive (full article).

Kalamazoo is "near" Detroit in the same sense that that random town in like, Illinois or whatever was "on the way" to the Pacific Ocean from Donna's cabin in Minnesota. Buuuuuut that just means if we're using the canon definition of "near" it still works!