November 28th, 2019


Elvis Cover Band Burger + Thighs N' Pies

I'm just like, really hardcore spnfiltrating everything as I make my way through S15. But it's not even entirely intentional??? Like, this morning I made a version of Dean's stupid Elvis burger because I was about to go to the airport and had to finish off food I had. So I fried up a turkey burger and ate it inside of a red velvet doughnut. It was not appealing when I made it at 5am and continued to not be appealing when I ate it a few hours earlier, but it was definitely a thing that happened.

And last night, my witch friend invited me to go see a QTPOC burlesque show with her. I knew some of the performers and I haven't done anything besides carpool with my witch friend in some time, so I said yes. (And then regretted it when I realized it was late at night and that I like sleeping.)

But the show was fantaaaastic. <333 It was raunchy and funny and sexy and deeply, deeply weird. And it was called "Thighs n' Pies" and HAD A LARGE NUMBER OF PIE AND DESSERT THEMED ACTS. I honestly doubt either Winchester would have actually been able to handle this show, but pie.

But then. THEN. There was an act by one of my witch friend's girlfriend's bosses (or, I think that was the relationship). In any case, this person comes out on stage in a taupe trenchcoat. My first thought was, "Holy fuck, the Destiel people are right. IT IS EVERYWHERE." As someone who is behind on S15 but thirsty for content I crept into the SPN Tumblr tags out of desperation and I regret my decision to this day.) And then they gave us the most fantastic western noir-themed gunplay burlesque routine in the entire world. Runaway favorite from all of us--it was just so good. I would pay my entire admission fee to see that act again, over and over, for the whole two hour show. And I was like asfjaslk;fjas;lfkjask this is the best possible version of Dean/Castiel. I cannot adequately begin to explain how amazing their performance was, but WOW. WOW WOW WOW.