December 14th, 2019

free fall

For posterity

Last night, finchandsparrow came over to make dinner (apparently reprising some of our greatest hits, tortilla soup and bruschetta grilled cheese) and watch 15x08. Every single moment of it was a treasure, to the point that upon finishing the episode around midnight, we then somehow... just sat at my kitchen table and talked until 6AM in the morning, at which point we realized it was 6AM, which let me tell you, was a shock. We talked about SPN--about S15, about all the best random tiny scenes and moments. About our orientation toward the show. We spent a while trying to figure out what even happened in hazier parts of canon. We named guest stars that should really be getting their cameos in, like Airplane Demon. We talked about how time works in Hell, in Heaven, in the Empty. How God works. About Michael's predilection for cones and conifers. About how very excellent exasperated/sleep deprived/exhaust/give no fucks about this BS/frustrated Sam, Dean, and Castiel are. About how much I hate NCIS, and how clothing is difficult.

We also learned that "Later, ho nuggets," is, according to the SuperWiki transcripts, an honest-to-god line from this show. XDDDDDDD

This is special. <333333 I want it to be part of the record I am keeping here.