December 27th, 2019

free fall

S8 + timeskip to S15

Episode reviews in miniature:

8x15: This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
8x16: This is also the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

By golly, friends, it's been five years but this weekend I'm finally going to get through S8!!! It's really been a fantastic rewatch, because I haven't watched most of S8 since it aired, and I tend to forget anything except for Amelia, the love of my life, and Castiel happened in it--especially the second half. But S8 Castiel is one of my top favorite Castiels (alongside S4, S6, and S9 Castiels). <3____<3

8x18, though, is probably my favorite single episode from S8, so I've been looking forward to it for a long time. <333 I just love how deft the comparison between Sam and Dean and Krissy et al is. Because unlike most comparisons between the Winchesters and whoever else is in the ep, it's not about the emotional undercurrent of the season or any interpersonal parallels/contradictions--it's literally just about hunting styles. Taking it even further, it's not even about like, where someone's sticking point is versus another's (i.e. where moral compasses diverge, whose humanity is more intact). It's about the details you notice, what conclusions you draw, what burden of proof you deem adequate. And I felt like everyone was given their due--Krissy et al weren't incompetent, like the Ghostfacers, but they were very much unfinished and more than a little trigger-happy. The way their haste fucked up the Winchesters' ability to get a handle on the case and avert disaster is so wonderful, as were the displays of observation that set Sam and Dean apart, like Dean noticing the blue van instead of only seeing the vampire, etc. And I just love the hunter worldbuilding that the episode teases. I think outside of Asa Fox, this is one of the episodes that does that the best. Just *chef kiss*

After 8x18 I switched over to 15x04 and 15x05, which was a far more seamless transition than I was expecting, in that there were vampires and strange family dynamics and Sam and Dean struggling with what it all means--which I believe is a struggle worth repeating. For as long as it takes, until the end of time. It's different every time. If Sam and Dean had 8x18 in their active memory (which I am very, very certain they do not--Victor who? Which vampires?) I think they would have had a fun time parsing all that out, too.

I also need to just like, calm my shit. XD Because like, okay, when I'm watching up-to-date canon my mentality is basically that any minute that's not Sam and Dean together is a minute wasted. And since we're in our last season, that extremely militant part of me is in overdrive because these!! are!! our!! last!! minutes!! But Sam and Dean really did not spend that much time with each other across 8x17 and 8x18 and I didn't die. But that's also totally me and Sam and Eileen. I ADORE Lisa, and if you don't know about my deep love for Amelia at this point, whose journal have you been reading, right. Same with Jo and Bela and Ruby, but let's stay with Lisa and Amelia here because they had the most developed relationships with Dean and Sam; I was very happy to devote myself to those relationships because I was confident they weren't going to last. Which was important to me, even though I genuinely enjoyed them. But with Eileen I'm just deeply skeptical and anxious because it's the last season and oh god what if they do. Which is all to say, approximately eighteen billion years later, I finally understand why all those S2/S3 fans were so vehemently against Jo and Bela, now beloved. I wouldn't say it's a justifiable or particularly noble feeling, but I do get it. XDD I just don't want romance to play a major thematic role in the final arcs of my Show hahahaha.

But then, I also didn't want the bunker to play a major anything in my Show, and here we are lollll.

I still haven't seen 15x06, because I'm an idiot and have watched everything out of order, but I figure I have plenty of hiatus left so I'm in no rush. I feel like I should write my 15x04 tag before jumping ahead again. I'm definitely getting my mileage out of S15 so far, oh man. XP I just finished 15x04/05 like half an hour ago but honestly, would rewatch again. Right now. <3____<3