February 2nd, 2020

free fall

S15 Except the Entire Season is Set in Michigan: Another Episode VI

"S15 But in Michigan" has reached its midseason, where it's time for a funny, plot-light episode.

(But it's also secretly losing its mind because THAT CAPTION. There is some real cabin fever desperation to that. And I'll note that although it's February it's only been "properly" winter for like, one day this year so far. It's just dark.)

Like, the other day I had a meeting in Detroit and I swear to you, the second I hit the city limits the sky went three shades darker and the snow started coming down harder and wetter. The SECOND I hit the city limits!

I am currently sitting in O'Hare, on my way to Colorado Springs for the most important 2.5 days of my life to date. Please send, uh, everything. Thank you!