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Hiatus Chat - Headcanon you forget is actually just headcanon?

Do you guys have pieces of headcanon where, honestly, you totally forget that it's not actually true? I hold some things to be infallibly true, and it always startles me when I'm thinking about it and I realize that LOL NO THEY'RE NOT. The following are ABSOLUTELY 100% TRUE TO ME:

1. Meg/Roy/Walt happened (and more than once). Meg digs bondage; Roy and Walt are into doubling up. They've been in trouble before, for sexual assault. There was a monging incident as well, though that was never proven and they were never implicated. Meg brings them right back around to that, but in the end it's Walt and Roy who get fucked over. She sends them to Sam and Dean in 5x16. Oh, and Walt actually does speak fluent French. His parents are French Canadian. Roy and Walt have been hunting together since that-one-time-in-Montana.

2. Jessica Moore is from San Jose. Graduated from Archbishop Mitti; her parents are lapsed Catholics, but they still do the holiday stuff, and they do believe in God. She has a brother, younger. Played volleyball in high school--varsity all four years; never played for Stanford. Major in Psychology. Was looking at grad school, but only after a few years off, doing something outside academia. Most of her friends at Stanford are Asian; one from her high school, the others from other parts of CA, and HI. She's really into kinky sex and toys. Sam gets his wallsmash!sex tendencies from her.

3. Lisa's sister's name is Barbara. Barb for short. Older. Played by Julie Dretzin. She's in real estate (as is her husband), and has always helped Lisa procure her various houses. She lives in Indiana, too. She remembers Dean, though she's not sure if she's actually ever met him.

4. Meg's world is lingual. The original Meg Masters studied a little cognitive science, thought about going into audiology, though she knew she probably wouldn't have the grades, even if she did go back and finish her degree. Meg the demon has some trouble with the human form, particularly in forming English phonemes. She also knows some French; her pronunciation is immaculate but her actual grammar is almost impenetrable. These days, Meg kind of hates it when she chooses a host whose first language isn't English. It's that much harder to find her way around and really settle in; she thinks a lot about these things.

Now I wanna know yours! Any fandom, even if may not necessarily know it. Is it about your OTP? Side characters you've staked a claim to? Did they come from writing fic, or do they just exist in your head for now? Where did they come from--from a random snippet of canon, or did they spring from the ether of imagination?
Tags: fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person

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