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I'm a fan of raindrops regardless of whether they're on roses, and only ambivalent about kittens (sorry), but this is one of my favorite things. Sign-ups are located here, and close on 29 AUGUST, so be quick! I have a dilemma, though; in order to sign up you need to submit a fic to remix.

Any suggestions?

I figure if there's a fic out there people actually remember me writing, that's what'll be the most interesting for someone to use as a jumping-off point for their remix. Help a sister out? :D? (My masterlist with summaries can be found here.)

Also, speaking of kittens, my mother found baby bobcats tousling and caterwauling in our backyard--adding that to the peacock, coyotes, opossum, raccoons, cows, horses, kingsnakes, wild turkeys, and countless other smaller things. Yes, we live here.
Tags: fandom: spn, the part where i solicit things, wild kingdom never ends

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