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Highway Bill

I need someone to write a SPN fic about Niles, California. Like, need need need. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN A FIC PROMPT, I am more than willing to pay in kind! I will write you anything, literally anything, if someone writes fic about downtown Niles.

See, my sister and I walked to the post office today, which was hot and boring--enough to get the imagination going. There was this tobacco shop that was closed for business, according to its sign, "because of Highway Bill."

And my sister and I were like, Does that mean a bill that involves a highway, or like... gunslinging Highwayman Bill?

Tbh it could go either way. XP The nearest highway is actually a 40mph canyon road dubbed one of the most dangerous places in the county (because of rockslides, drowning in the creek adjacent, hairpin turns, highwaymen, popular suicide locales, and, allegedly, our woman in white). It's also the canyon Bronco Billy used to film his one-reel cowboy flicks. So who or what is this Highway Bill, then? There's also a network of underground tunnels from Prohibition Era smuggling, lots of freight trains, lots of freight train pride (idek), Charlie Chaplin, and uh, eight trillion antique shops.

I need this fic in my life. Like, you have no idea. I'd try to write it for myself, but I think I'd be the only one interested in reading it. /O\ Not that it's any less self-serving to ask someone else to write it, lol.

But seriously. If ever there were an area asking for the Winchesters.

Though picture was taken in December, not August, hence why it looks so DARK and WINTER-RIDDEN. XP I can assure you it is not raining right now, sob.
Tags: americana, fandom: spn, pics or it didn't happen, the part where i solicit things

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