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OH MY GOD. THAT TRAILER. DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT TRAILER. I SURE SAW THAT TRAILER!!!! My heartrate just jumped the shark I am so excited for this season, guys. I needed this summer to come around to that one, lolllll, but what else is summer for, right? So, soooooo excited.

Which is funny, because, okay, I didn't actually see that trailer. I saw the shaky stop-motion I-am-definitely-not-buffering-fast-enough, volume-less version of that trailer. I may actually pay the $6.95/mo. to upgrade my VPN thingy for Show months (right now it caps the Internet I'm stealing at a very slow speed), because there is no way in hell I'm going to be able to watch this at school in an Internet lounge-ful of people without abandoning decorum completely.

Does anyone know what the lag time is between an episode airing and its manifestation on the CW website? Or some other reputable streaming source?

Also, I'm in Russia! I'll be returning to the US on 24 December, I think, but I probably won't be around much until then. Please don't hesitate to link me your fic/art/personal entries/anything via LJ PM or e-mail, though.

It's unbelievable how long it took me to write this entry because my mind is just like ShowShowShowShowShowShowShowShowShow. <33333
Tags: fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person

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