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Hi, lovelies. <3 I'm super homesick for fandom right now! I feel like I'm missing alllll the things and ALL OF YOUUUU. But Show starts in 1.5 weeks, which is exciting, and I just read the article that pretty much validates our fandom:

Trying to make contact with a ghost? The key to getting them to respond may be pie -- or at least a question about it.

That's the surprising claim made by paranormal researcher Matt Schulz, a San Diego-based art director when he's not exploring old houses, hotels or ships.

"It sounds strange, but a question like 'What kind of pie do you like? Cherry or Apple?' actually seems to get a response from spirits," Schulz told a group of wannabe paranormal researchers during a midnight expedition on the Star Of India, a 149-year-old ship that is harbored down in San Diego.

It's a technique Schulz learned a few years back from another investigator.

"Asking questions like ''Do you like cherry or apple pie?' or 'Do you prefer lemons or oranges?' seems innocuous," he told The Huffington Post a few days after the expedition. "But, for some strange reason, the spirits will answer them."

Read on @The Huffington Post

Firstly, ohhh, San Diego, honey.

Secondly, who do you think that "other investigator" was? (The Ghostfacers.) Do you think Sam started read the Huffington Post, since Dean isn't around to do it while in Purgatory? (No.) Did he read this article? (Yes, but only after someone else linked it to him. Charlie?) Is there something to this pie business? would it be massively kitschy if there actually was? (Yes.) Would Show get away with it anyway? (Probably.) Do spirits have an enhanced tense of taste? How much does that suck when you're incorporeal?

What do you think? What's new for y'all? DO YOU LIKE CHERRY OR APPLE PIE??
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