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speaking softly the names of our dead

1. As per usual, I plan to read allllll of the awesome kamikazeremix fics, and view the lovely art. This activity has been postponed til December or January but I AM EXCITED ANYWAY. <3

2. embroiderama remixed a Lisa/Dean Smith (ish) fic I wrote last December, titled When You Wake Up to This (The Sleepwalking Remix), which, it should go without saying, ALSO BEST. She does such an amazing job with her characterization of Dean Smith and the crazy situation he doesn't really full know he's in, and his interactions with Lisa. The rhythmic, understated language of this piece is just to die for. Absolutely read this, guys. <3333333333

3. And I wrote one, too:

Title: Going Once (chicagoland remix)
Genre: horror/dark!fic, outsider!POV, alternate timeline mid/late S5
Characters: AT!Dean, OC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2700
Warnings: thematic slavery/bondage, implied prostitution, alcoholism
Summary: At the tail end of 2009 Houston, Texas becomes the third most populous city in the United States. Elsewhere, the population of Chicago is 36, and one of them is Death.

Notes: This is a remix of Going Once by tattooeddevil (which you definitely want to read first!), written for kamikazeremix 2012. This is the "D-side," if you'll permit the awful pun. Chicagoland inspired by snickfic and her fic, The Only Cure for Grief. Special thanks to tattooeddevil for offering herself up to my ~machinations. <3!

Three bodies, two lifeboats.

4. I had several lame paragraphs written here, making a huge deal out of something that probably shouldn't be AS big of a deal as feel like it is, but I think I'll sit on that a little more before deciding whether or not it is a ~personal dilemma worthy of publicity.

Instead, my (visual) review of SPN 8x01:

Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn, fic: spn

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