Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

I'm so ready for 2013.

From rince1wind:

Let's start the new year with something particularly nice! I promise to make something for the first 5 people who comment.

Rules: It's made by me, and it gets to you by the end of 2013. If you want something made for you, you must in turn post this on your status/journal, and offer to make something for the first 5 people who comment.

Please specify in the comments if you'd be comfortable with giving me your address, so I know whether non-digital items are on the table or not. ♥

Also, spn_j2_bigbang signups start next week, and while I'm not sure how feasible actually completing such a thing would be, as always I want to give it a go. I'm stuck between stories, though--one is (more) Sam-focused post-Apocalyptic curtain!fic set in Colorado (feat. Dean, OFC, and plot-relevant Castiel/Novaks), and one is (more) Dean-focused...post-post-Apocalyptic horror/mystery fic set in Heaven (feat. Castiel, plot-relevant Sam, and...any/everyone in Heaven?). Both include ridiculous amounts of Dean H/C, because I am typical. HOW TO CHOOSE. ... ... ...Probably whichever one I'm closer to having a draft for on 1 May. XP I'll let you know how that goes.
Tags: fandom: spn, mememe, wwdd: what would diesel do?

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