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8x10 was as amazing as our extremely polarized fandom led me to believe. And while I understand that people criticize SPN's dialogue--we are rarely Oscar Wilde, to quote Bela--I think today demonstrated a considerable step up from many a "Sam and Dean have emoceans atop the Impala" scene. And, well, we have bush manifestations, so really how can you go wrong? I don't really have anything to say that isn't better stated through fic, but:

I am in love with Amelia y'all I don't even care. My un-smiley, vaguely socially awkward Amelia. There's just something about her, from Day 1, that reminds me either of me or of people I know or both. Is she likeable? As in, would she be the neighbor I wave to? For me, yes, probably, but generally speaking, probably not. But put her likability up against anyone else in this cast and bitch please, fandom. Really. Go hang out with a Winchester for a milisecond and get back to me about likability. (Or go ask Kevin Tran.) Every time Amelia appeared in this episode I wanted to burst into tears, because I knew how it was going to end.

The question is, who didn't? Who in their right mind would honestly believe Sam would go back to Amelia? We, as audience, as ruined for this because we happen to know that the production crew would probably implode if they had to keep trying to figure out how to split their episode across timelines, county lines, and emotional playing fields. Castiel and Kevin don't care or don't know either way. Crowley doesn't care. Naomi really doesn't care.

Dean probably does care, but lucky for us whether he did or did not know, or whether Sam did or did not know, is not the issue. I say 'lucky' because again, as audience, our overwhelming unspoken understanding that both Winchesters are probably going to be stuck in this hellish gyre for all eternity renders the question really quite trite. The real question is, do we understand how stomach-churningly cultish and insular that last scene with Sam and Dean is meant to be? Do we understand its destructive potential? Do we understand that in spite of this, the path of least resistance, it's probably also the best they can manage right now?

And what do our Winchesters think about that?

My relationships with my siblings are normal. We bedshare and we manhandle and we enact all kinds of ridiculousness, do things we'd do with each other, and only each other, but girl talk isn't one of them. But hey, my parents weren't murdered, my house never burned down, no one's been to Hell, and no one has ever put anyone else through a wall, so maybe we don't need it. If my relationship with fiction is anything to go by, however, I do know a fair deal about weird, isolated, insular, obsessive behavior. It's one of my favorite topics of said fictions, in fact! Drugs, sex, alcohol, mathematics, savantry, blood, the job, your brother--whatever it is, I'm so there. A given: I'm really enjoying this season. ;)

That being said, I'm kind of curious about how you polyamorous fandom people...do it? How do you balance it all? How do you transition from being immersed in Canon X/Emotional Minefield X to Canon Y? Is there some kind of magic to this? Am I not just built for it? Historically speaking heaven knows I've not demonstrated any aptitude whatsoever for it.

But I'd like to try. Usually I have my one full-time fandom and then my seasonal flings, but 1) this season's seasonal fling is sort of not a seasonal fling anymore, whoops* and 2) for the first time in fourteen years I'm actually compelled to keep up with the current episodes of Law and Order: SVU. (FOURTEEN YEARS. AND FINALLY.)

Tips and/or personal interpretations of your many different styles of fandom love would be much appreciated!

* Cue special, fandom-specific tag being created for the occasion! WHAT AN HONOR. /jk

Also, the contrast between the reds of Abandoned Warehouse #9 and the traditional Awkward Winchester greens in 8x10 were really gorgeous. That is all.
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