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The Meme from LJ Past

Hey guys! Been a while. I'm working on crawling my way back to the Internet. Figured I'd start this off my participating in a meme from my lovely geckoholic--A year in the life of! She chose the year I was seventeen. I went ahead and included some information about my life now, since I don't think I've really spoken on it much in the last year+.

If you want to do the meme, just let me know how old you are now, and I'll pick a year for you! :)

I lived with my parents, in the Bay Area, California. At this point my parents were separated, though their legal divorce would not be finalized until the year succeeding; but I lived in two different households, depending on the day of the week. My father had already moved back to the East Bay, after moving to the South Bay for some time. I was finishing my final year of high school and, according to my Facebook, writing my college applications. Which is funny, because I just finished writing my graduate applications this past December, as well. There's literary symmetry for you!

I currently live in San Diego, California, which is about half an hour from the US-Mexican border, 2.5 hours south of LA, and 4 hours from the CA-NV border. I'll be moving in three months, though.

I drove Nothing. I didn't get my license until I was 20. Though I still don't drive anything, because I don't own a car. Last summer I drove my mother's janky Subaru(s), though, and developed a strange fondness for them. Even if that's not how brakes are supposed to work, really, and sometimes the doors don't open because after the car got hit by a wild boar, it's never been quite the same.

I was in a relationship with no one, romantically, a fact that is still true. I've no real interest in romantic relationships, or sex, or sexual attractiveness in general, and I didn't then, either. But when I was seventeen I was fandoming it up for the manga, Naruto, and deeply in love in a non-fandom way with the manga, Bleach. My best friends at school were ice_kestrel9, caerial, and elisanwhatnot.

I feared -- I honestly don't know. I had a stalker at the time, though I guess "I had a kid in many of my classes who was in love with me" is more accurate. I remember him asking me over AIM (AIM!) what I was afraid of. I don't think I answered him, because there was absolutely no context surrounding the question and I thought it was a ridiculous point of conversation.

I guess I'm more amenable to the question now, though not with him, were he to ask it again. I fear inadequacy, overinvestment, and vulnerability. I fear drowning. I fear car crashes, making big mistakes, housefires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. I also fear swing sets.

I worked for the Girl Scouts, the tragedy of this being that it wasn't paid. But it was a huge amount of time--we helped organize and hosted an international camporee on an island in the San Francisco Bay that summer, and ippoddity and I were already hard at work with the bulk of our Gold Award (the Girl Scout equivalent of Eagle Scouting), where we researched and organized a walking and biking tour of a historic district in my town, coupled with a number of other service projects. This tour is still available as a PodCast via iTunes. We were also the Food Admins at the summer day camp, which has forever graced me with extreme imperviousness to purchasing ridiculous quantities of food, and an unusual knowledge of Business Costco, Smart & Final, and other bulk food warehouses/stores.

I currently work for two professors, one in Literature (19th century, Native American Studies, Women's Studies), and one in Philosophy (Biomedical ethics, contemporary legal issues), though both of these appointments will expire in June, when I graduate and move away.

I wanted to be a writer, I think? When I was choosing my major for my college applications, in any case, I selected a random combination of Creative Writing and English. I also had plans to test out cognitive neuroscience, and tentatively think about pursuing further education in language pathology, but I didn't end up pursuing either, actually. I also waffled about with being pre-med.

I currently want to teach and conduct research at the university level, in 20th century/contemporary American literatures and comparative ethnic literatures. I'm also still interested in medicine and science. Actually, this desire is the reason I'm moving, because I'll be in a doctoral program elsewhere. Fun times!

But my dream job right now? Apple Genius Bar. That would be awesome. I have a thing, okay. All right, a fetish. A HUGE FETISH for Macintosh diagnostics. And Macs in general.

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