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SPN 8x23 and the Summer of Nostalgia

I'm thinking of using this hellatus to catch up on old fandoms I've said goodbye to. I have the final season of House, MD to watch. I'd stopped at S7 because House drove a car through Cuddy's house and I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world.

....Well. Earlier this year someone drove their car into my neighbor's house, so I guess it's not as unrealistic as I first imagined. And House was one of my real TV loves--one of the first shows I made sure I saw weekly (the others being Pokemon and Xena: Warrior Princess. Note that there was a fair bit of fallow time between those and House). I feel like I owe it to House to see it through to the end? Also, Chase's confessional scene in S6(?) was everything I desperately wished Sam's was in S8. :\

And then there's a bunch of manga I never finished--Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Naruto. For the former my personal canon was the anime, so I don't know how invested I am in finishing the manga (they're quite different). Bleach and Naruto are just...long and stupid. XP But 000_hester_000 recently caught up on the latter, and I've heard good things. So???

I want to re-watch Six Feet Under, because it brought me into this chapter of my life, and I need it to take me out of it, too. And Supernatural, because. Because.

Speaking of Supernatural, 8x23. I watched it over the weekend:

- Maybe it's my own personal biases, but I thought that the stakes of this finale--and their fallout--were impossibly low. It just didn't seem like there was anything major we needed to care about with this. Nothing was shocking, particularly revelatory. I loved the image of the angels all falling from Heaven, but where the whole Purgatory shindig from last season upset me to no end, I don't give a good goddamn about what we're supposed to be ~hotly anticipating come September.

- Kevin, though. <3 He had some great lines. And when he told Dean to motivate him by means other than sports metaphors, and brought up Skyrim---! Skyrim came out the November of S7. I'm of the school that believes that by the time the midseason finale rolled around, S7's timeline had basically realigned itself with real time. Kevin was introduced in spring of the following year. AND I JUST THOUGHT, OH MY GOD. WHAT IF MAMA TRAN BOUGHT KEVIN SKYRIM FOR CHRISTMAS. BUT KEVIN, DEDICATED SCHOOLBOY THAT HE IS, VOWED NOT TO PLAY IT UNTIL HE'D GONE THROUGH HIS SATS AND HIS LAST ROUND OF FINALS. WHICH WOULD MEAN HE NEVER GOT TO PLAY SKYIM BECAUSE HE CHOSE THE "HEALTHY" PATH--THE PATH OF DELAYED REWARDS. AND INSTEAD OF SKYRIM HE GOT THE MOTHERFUCKING ANGELIC CURSE FROM HELL. OR HEAVEN. OR WHATEVER. PROPHET OF THE LORD-NESS. ;____;

- Both Sam and Crowley knocked it out of the park with this one. Just, ugh. So much love. And I feel obliged to mention Sam a bit more because I have loved him so much this season, from start to finish. Except in the dumb episodes, but then I just hated everyone. XD His exchange at the end with Dean was just heartbreaking. It was real.

I know what it's like to be on Dean's end of that. I know what it feels like to find out that that's how your sibling feels.

- And then Dean's response was lame. Dean's whole role in this episode was pretty lame. And no, I disagree, it's not because he didn't get to do anything (though he didn't). There just wasn't enough writing, and not enough acting, that could convey Dean's internal space through all this. Color me extremely unimpressed. :F Which was rather unfortunate because in 8x18 and 8x20 I was getting really into Dean's arc this season. Which means that as far as Dean goes, I liked... 8x01, 8x02, and the aforementioned two. ....XP SO, YOU KNOW, I CAN SEE WHY DEAN!GIRLS WOULD BE UPSET ABOUT S8. Though I'm surprised so few of them have gone back to S6 and realized how many amazing undertones of Dean there are there. /and I say this as a Deangirl, I swear /also, as a complete Sera STAN

- So that's what I want in S9. I want Dean. S8 is just lucky that I love Sam exorbitant amounts and ultimately give no fucks whether Dean's storylines exist or not. --I mean, I DO, but. No, I guess I don't, because I really enjoyed S8. Though I will note that SPN is increasingly NOT a show I would introduce to people who weren't already deep in. The writing is so, so unskilled.

- Be not afraid, however. However unimpressed I was by the finale, or the objective quality of the show (THOUGH, SHOW, I WOULD NOT MIND IF YOU WOULD SUCK LESS. OR AT LEAST TRY. OR SOMETHING), I don't think I've ever loved SPN more than I do right now. I think I've probably honeymoon'd it harder back when I was first watching, but this is deeper. This is everywhere. And that's reassuring.

- Because I've noticed that a lot of things that used to give me that, umm, satisfied, engaged rush?, no longer do. :( I want to be excited and ecstatic about things--not just fandom things, I mean. But life in general. I don't know if this is actually a problem or not, but given that I am plenty capable of being excited and ecstatic about Fast and Furious 6, I maintain that it's not. It's just kind of dumb that Fast 6 is the ONE THING in the world that can do that. Flatline flatline flatline.

Also, I need to re-evaluate how I'm using this journal.
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