Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

[Fic] All Your Instruments

Title: All Your Instruments
Author: kalliel
Artist: blueteainfusion
Genre: S6-based pyrotechnic carnivalesque
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Mary; peripheral Sam, Harvelles, John, OFC
Pairings: This fic is gen, but if you can't stand Dean/Cas, this fic is probably still not for you. Peripheral Sam/OFC and John/Mary.
Rating: R
Word Count: 26k
Warnings: with suicide as a major theme, Hell/post-Hell issues, torture/torturing, psychological manipulation, mindfuck, disturbing/grotesque imagery, flagrantly illogical madness

Summary: A suicide mission against Hell leaves Heaven in shambles and the rest of world in ecological turmoil, as ocean temperatures spike and Heaven's ashes trigger volcanic activity in Alaska. And all bets are off in Heaven, where memories are malleable, similes are no longer strictly figurative, and Castiel has organized an appallingly novice brass band to play his homeland's swan song. Castiel and Mary investigate the circumstances surrounding Dean's death, but find that the autopsy of a suicide is no easy task. Meanwhile, Hell's more artistic titillations have followed Dean upstairs, and he's disinclined to resist the inevitable. Sometimes things burn.

And the carnival of the grotesque has Alastair's House of Reds on the grandstand tonight.

Dean's lips purse with the memory of coronary cornets. The band hits a throbbing refrain and the french horn blares out sharp trills. The flugelhorns scream an esophageal accompaniment. Deltoid fifths, extensor thirds. The beat is dizzying, arrythmic, and the walls run red with their music. [AO3 link]

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, blueteainfusion's gorgeous, gorgeous artwork! Click on this. No, you have no choice. (SFW)
Tags: fic: spn

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