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Guys. :'D Finallyyyyyyyyy the fic written for meeeeeeeee~!

Mistakes We'll Make Again by anon (~3700 words, pre-series [Sam is SAT-aged], hapa monster/case!fic with bonus Dean!H/C)

Summary: Your worst mistakes are always the ones you've made before.

I'll just go ahead and C/P part of my comment for further reccing info:
This is the kind of fic you just get really into reading without even trying; you put Lynyrd Skynyrd on when it says they're listening to them; you start craving teri-anything when Dean's cleaning up after it. You think of that particular smell--and they do have a smell--of those college promotion flyers. This was so much fun to read, and I love what you did with the monster hybrid. SO perfect.

I love, very very deeply love, that you make that connection in this fic--that blend of American history and folklore is just beautiful. I especially like your choice of Rohwer because of all of the internment camps, those two were always the most intriguing to me--way the hell OUT there, and swampy, instead of desert. Watching Dean and Sam decode their case and work together here was just wonderful. And haha, I am hideously easy when it comes to Dean H/C elements, but this hits one of my very favorite types and ratios of H/C to fic, it really does. <33333

While reading I found myself in love with these Winchesters (SO YOUNG), unexpectedly mournful of Molly, the poor monster-girl with college promos on her wall and Sam Winchester in her heart, and heartwrenchingly floored by the ending, because as others have commented above me, you just know. YOU KNOW. What kind of shit they'll both be putting each other/themselves through for many years to come. :( <3

Also, my favorite line? "Sam thinks it's a fire hazard and one of the most beautiful things he's ever seen."

It's so early on, and so offhand for Sam, but I think it's perfect for him in all ways. I don't even think I can explain why I find this line so quintessentially Sam, but it is. It very much is.


Legitimate update to come. In a nutshell, I took a two-week camping roadtrip, and then I moved across the country. I do not remember how to use the Internet.
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