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A pseudo-medical interpretation of demonic possession and the effects of holy water.

+ My dad sent me an e-mail linking to this article: Austrian Scientists Find 86 Percent of Holy Water Contains Fecal Matter and High Bacteria Levels, with the message, "So that explains it: demons just have a weak immune system!"

My response:
When a demon enters a person's body, the immune system goes into overdrive; a somatic response characterized by fever, nausea. The appearance or impression of smoke in the lungs. But demons are from hell, and as such can sustain temperatures higher than boiling; the most common causes of death-by-demonic-possession do not occur in the act of exorcism (notable for its casual and unthinking violence to the vessel) but in the fever beforehand. A powerful demon can cause permanent brain damage and vascular hemorrhage in under four hours; primary diagnostic symptoms include but are not limited to retinal vascular occlusion (the conflagration of blood and smoke in the eyes, turning them black).

Holy water, which Austrian scientists have determined is known to contain fecal matter and high bacteria levels, is known to be an effective demonic deterrent--whether by an act of God or science remains unclear. Nanditha Ramachandran, a biologist-hunter currently based in Nikolski, Alaska, suggests that demonic possession overstresses the immune system, and renders it insensible to further intrusions, such as the bacteria and refuse in holy water. This results in a progression similar to that demonstrated by dengue fever, where first contact is often relatively mild, whereas second contact results in dengue hemorrhagic fever 100% of the time. (The immune system constructs antibodies specified to a particular strain of dengue fever, leaving it open to obliteration by another strain, for which its antibodies are entirely useless.)
...I have way too much time on my hands. XP I just. I really like H/C+horror, okay.

+ In related-but-really-not-at-all-related news, I AM SO EXCITED FOR spn_j2_xmas OH MY GOD. *________* The prompt set I got is fabulous.

+ Actually, in far-more-related news, I've posted six dark/horror-themed Dean H/C recs to hoodie_time, if that's your jam. (It is certainly my jam!) All of these fanworks were chosen for their distinct sense of style, uncompromising attention to the details and emotions that perpetuate horror, and their incisiveness as regards Dean and those around him.

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