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spn_summergen just wrapped for 2013: You can see all of the fics w/ summaries at this post, where you can also throw up some guesses as to who wrote what!!!!!!

A Herculanean task to be sure. I've been reading fic by a fair number of you for quite some time, but I couldn't even begin to guess who wrote what. (Well, one person's I know, but I have to admit, more from context clues than any magical ability on my part.)

Do you guys have any guesses?

Can you guess mine? :P

Clues: I wrote two. One is very typical of me (at least I think so), and one isn't as. The one that "isn't as" uses dumb words. Which is typical of me, even if the rest of it isn't. (Well, I think, anyway. Maybe it's still SUPER ME. What do I know. XP)

I know I whined about my first one here, but having read it in a more removed state of mind, I'm actually really proud of both of them. Some things are weird/off in both, which I'll doubtless go into more after reveals, but there's also some perfectly respectable prose in there, too. Not to brag or nothin'; but I'm trying this thing where I try to be kinder to myself, so bear with me.

ALSO. Already having spn_summergen withdrawals. ;( I've gotten very used to having a new fic in my inbox every night. What am I supposed to read now?

No, but actually.
Tags: fandom: spn, writing

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