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Writin' writin' writin' / though these streams are swollen / keep them fingers typin / rawHIIIIIDE

There are so many stories I want to write immediately, like RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW, it is actually ridiculous. It is time to organize my life around making this a possible thing. 'Cause I want to write for DEAN and Castiel and Meg and Amelia and Linda and Abaddon and Dean and Castiel and Sam and Meg and Amelia and Dean and also, Dean. And Meg. And also Rachel Miner is my favorite person I'm gonna cry and Dean.

First step, the acquisition of some self-discipline, wrt Real Life Obligations. Will do. Second step, acquisition of some writing discipline. Because suddenly it's like, here we go again! Haven't written in over a month! Why???

But! If you'd like some extra writing accountability, or just want to share all the writing you do this October, my best friend ippoddity and the lovely latemarch are running their October Writing Challenge again this year!

From the sign-up post:

Want to gear up for Nanowrimo? Want to get back into the swing of things with your writing?

Then come joins us every October for a fun-filled month of writing! Write 10 entries of 1000 words or more - whether they be updates for your novels or one-shots, and one Halloween-themed story that has a minimum of 6,000 words!

It's totally low pressure, it's a great atmosphere for writers of all stripes--any genre, any fandom, any original premise--and who knows? You might just find the kindred spirit you never knew existed.

Long story short, it's GREAT, I'm participating, and you should too. :D Check out this post for more info!
Tags: fandom: spn, meg is my hbic, writing

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