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NO, REALLY. It started out as the worst day; the kind where you just want to curl up and cry for no reason, and then eat ice cream you don't own while watching the TV you also don't own, etc. But I went to the laundromat instead. It was my first time, despite the fact that I've now been living here or over a month. Nice laundromat, shitty dryers, right across the street from a diner named Benny's.

It seemed Mediterranean, though, so no southern comfort and jambalaya. But still. I was already paying for laundry so I didn't want to spend money at Benny's, but the fact that I can now SPN goggle all of my laundry trips makes me so happy.

Then I came home and didn't want to do anything but curl up and cry some more. But I went to my seminar and successfully gave my talk and survived long enough to be done and ready to walk home so I could take a hot shower and then curl up and cry.

But I ended up at a bar with three other girls in my program. We had great conversation about academia, and also TV. And when in a spur of haphazard bravery I mentioned by ultimate love for this show called Supernatural on the CW, ONE OF THE GIRLS SQUEALED.

NEW FRIEND, NEW FRIEND. We only spoke briefly about SPN before we parted ways outside, but, being massively overeducated in the ways of fandom I have so far gleaned:

1) Sam!girl
2) not super thrilled with Sera
3) loved S8; excited for S9
4) probably not in fandom proper; doesn't sound like it
5) but totally wrote a paper about SPN in undergrad
6) loves the meta episodes
7) might ship? (Sidenote: ships Sterek)
8) but also the traumatic sense of doom you get from watching S1 and knowing what's to come.

NEW FRIEND NEW FRIEND NEW FRIEND. So instead of coming home to cry into pillows, I came to tell you guys. :D

Also, I found the Breaking Bad finale wholly underwhelming. But that's okay, because that's also my opinion of the entire show, so the finale wasn't for me, anyway. (I do love Marie, though. I love Marie a lot. I've been told this is unusual.)
Tags: fandom: spn, kalliel is a creeping creeper, mistaking reality for spn again, you can't take the sky from me

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