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SPN S8 Top 10 #5: Alaina Huffman

I'm skipping forward slightly in the chronology of favorite moments, but I have an encyclopedia set I'd like to write about how much I love Amelia, so we'll go with the short and sweet for today: SPN S8 Top 10 #5: ALAINA HUFFMAN. And Josie and Abaddon, albeit to a slightly lesser degree.

What I really adore Alaina Huffman's aesthetic, as well as Tumblr's terrific handling of Abaddon. Observe:

source: poetrytofish--if you too like this image, heart it on Tumblr and let the artist know!

From her ironic reiteration of Crowley's signature greeting, "Hello, boys" to her general spunk, stalking around in a bloody 50s dress or with her head all sewed on, I'm game. I am so game. And Abaddon as the Queen of Hell? EVEN MORE GAME.

I'll admit, I don't personally know what to actually do with Abaddon, because I sort of feel like she fulfills a narrative role similar to Meg… So anything I can envision her doing, I could equally envision Meg attempting. And if deciding between whether to write Meg or write someone else who's similar, well. I have loyalties. XP But the thing is, it's not a cookie cutter reproduction between them, truly--I've already written my Meg genesis/queen of hell story, and even outside of that fic, I think that's as far as she gets; even were she alive out there, somewhere, she could never really be the Queen of Hell. Ultimately, her ambitions don't fit the mould--nor, I think, do her interests. She just doesn't have the temperament.

Abaddon does. (And uh, Knight of Hell, anyone?)

I'm fully in favor of any storyline that will put Alaina Huffman on my screen. I'm not terribly picky as to how; I just want her. Bring it, S9. :D
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