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SPN S8 Top 10 #7: Amelia Richardson

Ack, missed Saturday by a bit here. Apparently I'm utterly incapable of doing more than one thing on the Internet at a time, particularly if that thing is a hoodie_time comment!meme, because suddenly my online space (most notably, my inbox) is a complete disaster. XP So this will be truncated, which, sadness, because my SPN S8 Top 10 #7 is Amelia Richardson.

She is either my favorite thing or my second favorite thing about S8, I haven't decided yet; I wanted to write fic for her for today, but such an undertaking requires a little more finesse and a little less trashiness than today's writing has been, so I will save that. And I will save my thoughts on Amelia for that. But two scenes in S8 made me tear up and Amelia opening that motel room door into quiet, dark emptiness is one of them. Because for a few short minutes in that episode, Amelia believed in magic--maybe for the first time in a long time, maybe for the first time in her entire life. She believed in pacts and romantic trysts and safety and fairytale. She believed she'd open up the door, and Sam would be there, waiting for her.

But he wasn't.

The most interesting thing about this fairytale being, of course, that it wasn't a fairytale at all, not even from the start--soft glow filter be damned. It was twisted and ugly and all matter of complicated and so incredibly mournful--but it was also a saving grace, for the both of them.

My favorite Sam/Amelia scene: Amelia tells Sam that only white supremacists and thrifting serial killers share Sam's wardrobe. Though I'm not sure how she traced Sam's clothes to army surplus in the first place, since idk is plaid and denim really that strange? I mean, Sam definitely owns some strange shirts, but this is not one of them!

[transcript of scene]

RIOT barks and runs towards one of the motel rooms.

No, no, no. Dog, dog, dog! Oh...


RIOT runs into AMELIA’s room.

...no, dog... don't bother the...

RIOT jumps up on the sofa and lies across AMELIA’s lap.


...angry lady.


SAM knocks on AMELIA’s open door.

Uh, hey, sorry.

"Dog"? That's what you're calling him?


Well, it's accurate. [SAM stands in the doorway with a leash in his hands.] Is Dog taking his antibiotics?

Uh, yes, he is. He's doing much better. Thank you. You know, um... [he walks into the room] ...I have to say – um... I've seen a lot of stitches in my time, and you've got really good hands.

Thank you.

So, you think I'm creepy?

I think it's creepy you buy all your clothing at army surplus. White supremacists do that.

Yeah, but I'm not.

[Th]rifting serial killers do that.

Fair enough.

You come from nowhere, you appear to be going nowhere, and you've, quote, "seen a lot of stitches." It's all pretty solid creepy.

SAM sits down opposite AMELIA.

You have no idea where you're going, either, do you?

No. Not really.

And that's because you have no one. I mean, at all, right? I mean, that's why you're... here, in this place.

I used to – have someone, I mean. But that's over now. It's gone. You know what that's like, don't you?

Courtesy of SuperWiki!

Though of course when I was hunting this scene down, I landed on the scene with the limes, so I should note that I love that one, too. With reference to the people who were all upset because they were afraid Sam/Amelia was going to be long-term and would ~forever change the focus of their bro-show, are you f----- kidding me? XP They didn't have a snowball's chance. :( But I love what they did have, and I love that they got it. They really, desperately needed each other. Even if for one year, and one year only.

I've said before that the only reason I didn't ship Dean/Lisa more was because I was too busy shipping Lisa/Me. I think I ship myself with Sam/Amelia.
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